The New Cinematic Cor VALORANT in 2023 got us Thinking: It’s Time For Alternate Agent Outfits

There's a lot to be excited about in VALORANT for 2023, including new Agents and maps, new game modes for competitive .

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There’s a lot to be excited about in VALORANT for 2023, including new Agents and maps, new game modes for competitive and casual players, and of course a flurry of new cosmetics including weapon skins, sprays, player cards and the Gun Buddy is included.The wave of new items hitting the Store and Battle Pass levels include some of the hottest items in the entire game, and the highest-grossing new bundles are easily the newly released bundles that include a handful of new skins and other items. If you need more information about The New Cinematic Cor VALORANT got us Thinking then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

The New Cinematic Cor VALORANT in 2023:

As VALORANT continues to grow, it won’t be surprising to see Riot explore new opportunities to sell in-game items to players — and honestly, it’s time for the next step.This year, Riot should go ahead and start releasing alternate costumes or skins for their roster of VALORANT agents.

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Character customization is one of the few cards VALORANT has left to play, one that virtually every other popular multiplayer title has played. There is definitely a financial reason for doing this. Since 2015, Riot has pulled in between approximately $1.5 to $2 billion in worldwide revenue per year, and much of this can be attributed to the purchase of skins.CS:GO pulled the trigger seven years after the game was originally released, with detailed and customized agents to replace the default CT and T models. Valorant doesn’t have to wait that long, and shouldn’t. And after watching the cinematic latest story for Episode Six, Act One, I’ve got some new ideas.

Sage’s training gear :

Sage’s white and green outer coat shouts to the world that he is a healer first and foremost. But recent nerfs to her self-healing and her allied healing buffs have driven home that point, proud battle-sages still need their own form. Her simplistic training gear outfit with a basic white T-shirt and Kevlar vest is the perfect look for a sage athlete who can provide more than just healing support.

Casual looks for Raze, Jett, and Killjoy :

Jett may be third-wheeling the date between Rage and Killjoy, but all three are sporting comfortable outfits that would look cool during the game. Jet is wearing a big cozy hoodie, and his Blade Storm knife looks awesome as a necklace. And of course, the cute frog variant of Killjoy’s outfit is a must-have. Valorant players dress comfortably when they play, why shouldn’t agents get the same treatment?

It’s in the Valorant cards :

Sadly, there are no more alternate costumes in the cinematic for Episode Six, Act One, but more inspiration can be drawn from the player cards and banners. The Operation: Vacation card shows off six different beach outfits for agents, Soulstrife features in what could be an even scarier Omen skin, and a handful of casual skin variants from the Home Again series.

Lots of cards have great ideas like a Dia de los Muertos-themed Reyna outfit, Halloween costumes for Sage and Omen, and more.There is encouragement, there are ideas. The time has come to complete it in 2023.

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