The Lissandra Buffs in League of Legends Patch 13.1 Could Push The Ice Witch Back into The Meta

First patch of League of Legends 2023's Ranked Season, and there's one of the buff champions that stands out from the rest: Lysandra.

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Riot Games posted a preview of the changes that could come with the first patch of League of Legends 2023’s Ranked Season, and there’s one of the buff champions that stands out from the rest: Lysandra. The mid lane mage has been off the radar for quite some time, with her last nerf dating to patch 12.10, the durability update that affected all champions in the game. At that point, Lysandra was hit with a nerf to her ultimate, which reduced her base count and AP ratio on her ultimate healing.If you need more information about The Lissandra Buffs in League Patch 13.1 then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

The Lissandra Buffs in League of Legends Patch 13.1 :

After more than half a season, Ice Witch is getting some minor buffs that could push her back into the meta.According to Riot Flox’s patch preview, Lysandra will be getting a total of three buffs in patch 13.1. First, she will receive an increase in her health growth from 104 to 110.

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In other words, she will gain an additional six max health per level. In the later stages of the game, this will amount to a total of 108 bonus health which she essentially gets for free. While it may not seem like much, for a control mage like Lysandra, bonus health can make the difference between living or dying.The second buff will be the slow rate of his Ice Shards (Q), increasing it by four percent at rank one to eight percent at max rank. Since it is magic that Lysandra usually maxes out first during games, players will immediately be able to feel the difference in her casting her spells.

To complete the list of buffs, Lysandra will also have the cooldown of Ring of Frost (W) reduced by two across all ranks. Even if she doesn’t max out the spell at the start, shaving off two seconds will allow her to cast the ability more often and could be a game-changer during mid-game teamfights.

Overall, Lisandra’s upcoming buffs are substantial and they will definitely boost her win rate and pick rate, which are currently stuck at 48.79 percent and 1.6 percent, respectively, according to she becomes an S-tier pick, though, will depend more on whether or not the other mid lane champions are meta. If Akali is going to remain popular between melee attacks like Silas and Jade, Lysandra will become a primary choice to counter them.

In the case of laning, Lysandra has always been strong in pushing waves and prioritizing the lane over the opponent. With a slow increase on his Q, the ability will be even more punitive on enemies as they will be more vulnerable to his combos, gank setups, or even dives.Having said that, Lysandra’s greatest strength lies in her ability to destroy enemies with her spells. She can use them to peel for the engagement of allies or to quickly shut down enemy vehicles. In a meta dominated by late-game ADCs, he can be the perfect answer to quickly neutralize key threats.League players can begin to feel the impact these buffs have on Lysandra when patch 13.1 goes live on Tuesday, January 10.

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