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Check out these action-filled games packed with near-impossible missions that can blow the users minds.

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The impact Grand Theft Auto (GTA)endured among the gamers in the last two decades, is difficult to put it into words. Calling it a revolution in the open-world action games is an understatement. With every new version, GTA has improved its gameplay beyond imagination. Accomplishing missions is the priority in moving forward with the story path. However, the game also allows the players to do other side stuffs like eating, dancing, shopping, swimming, flying planes and what not! The last installment GTA V took the gameplay to whole new level. Tired of exploring every last block in the GTA world? Read below to find out similar open-world action games:

Just Cause 4

If graphics is a major priority in your choice of game, then it does not get better than Just Cause 4. The fourth part of the franchise was widely praised as one the best action-adventure games to be released that year. The player is given an unbelievable amount of freedom to accomplish his tasks in the chaotic world. The best part is that the protagonist Rico can also travel the world in a wingsuit.

Developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix, the player attempts to bring down the world’s biggest private military – The Black Hand – in the fictional nation of Solis. The extreme weather effects like sandstorms and tornadoes are realistic than ever before. Attention to detail is Just Cause 4’s biggest strength.

Watch Dogs 2

On the back of a less than impressive start with the first part, Watch Dogs made a high-profile comeback with the second installment. The game showed massive improvement in the hacking, character features and the driving abilities. Following massive praise from the critics, Watch Dogs 2 became instantly popular among fans.

The open-world game revolves around the life of a hacker Marcus Holloway. With his hacking group DedSec trying to take down the city’s advanced surveillance system, a player has to complete multiple missions to finish the task. The game is equally good in multiplayer mode, allowing other players to combat a situation together.

Mafia 3

If you have a taste for organized crime genre, then Mafia 3 is your type of game. The mind boggling cinematics and cutscenes in the third installment can make someone’s jaw drop. For a minute it can make you forget that you’re playing a video game and rather watching Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino’s classic.

The story set in 1968 follows a former criminal Lincoln Clay, who is betrayed by the local Mafia, embarks on a quest for revenge. He gradually builds a criminal empire to become the most feared man in the city. The best in the series, Mafia 3 was widely praised for its dark theme, story plot and soundtracks among others. Missions get tougher as the game goes on, making it one of the best open-world games.

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