The 3 best heroes to counter Paquito

He is very difficult to deal with in a 1v1 situation, and has a very high chance of getting first blood in the laning phase.

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Paquito is one of the strongest side laners in Mobile Legends game ever i seen: Bang Bang. A fighter who deals a lot of damage, Heavenly Fist quickly rose to fame. He is very difficult to deal with in a 1v1 situation, and has a very high chance of getting first blood in the laning phase. It cannot be denied that this is a hero many teams and players do not want to face. But what if your team forgot to ban him and he was immediately picked by the opponent? If you need more information about The 3 best heroes to counter Paquito  then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

The 3 best heroes to counter Paquito :

Here Are Three Heroes Who Have A Chance To Fight Against Paquito :

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Alice :

The first hero who can survive and beat Paquito in a 1v1 situation is none other than Ellis. What makes Alice a worthy foe? She can survive Paquito’s early game burst with Flowing Blood or Blood Away. Once she reaches level four, she can maintain Celestial Fist, and possibly even land a few kills with well-timed abilities.The key when facing Paquito as Alice is to survive until you get enough Blood Ancestor stacks, and reach level four to unlock the Blood Hymn.Alice can do it effortlessly, and as she gets enough blood lineage piles and reaches level four to unblock the blood ode, that’s when Pacquito should retreat, or else risk immediate elimination. You should also use Alice Blood Avenue in early sports. It can immobilize pacquito for 1.2 seconds and slow him down by 70% for 0.8 seconds.

Benedetta :

One of the best ways to counter a powerful hero is to choose another powerful hero, and Benedetta does exactly that. Benedetta has one of the best early game kill potentials with Phantom Slash and Eye for an Eye. What’s more, she thrives in extended fights thanks to the Alto: Final Blow which is a game changer against a skilled Pacquito user.Benedetta is also one of the heroes who can stand up against Pacquito. Benedetta’s opening game kill ability has the highest chance of defeating Pacquito if you ideally use his Phantom Slash and Eye for AAi. Not to mention Benedetta’s Elekto, his ultimate ability to withstand extended fights.

Barats :

Lastly, another hero that has the potential to topple Paquito is Barat. Whenever Pacquito unleashes his combo in a team fight, Barat can use Daytona’s Welcome to stop him in his tracks. In max stacks, Barat is able to avoid Heavenly Fist’s full combo, especially if he’s far ahead in items. Barat is a tough matchup in the sidelane, and Pacquito is no exception.Barat’s Ultimate Skill, Daytona’s Welcome, locks on the target enemy hero and eats them after a 1.2-second delay, pressing them for 1 second, while getting 3 stacks of Big Guy.

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