TH15 E-Drag Recall Spell Attack strategy in Clash of Clans

By Naman Alok | Jan 18, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


In Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 Update was came in few days ago. which the participants enjoy a great deal. All of the defences have been improved since Town Hall 15 arrived. Additionally, new troops and spells have been added. It remains to be seen whether the old strategy can defeat Town Hall 15’s bases after its arrival. The town hall 15 bases will need to be destroyed, or a new army structure will need to be created. We’ll analyze the new Town Hall 15 attack strategy in this article. TH15 E-Drag Recall Spell Attack strategy in Clash of Clans

Town Hall 15 E-drag Recall Spell attack strategy in Clash of Clans 

It is highly offensive strategy that destroys 15 town hall bases in clan wars and multiplayer raids. Players use it in multiplayer battles to level up the title leaderboards and reach League of Legends.

Electro Dragons are powerful air units with mediocre health and high damage. Electro Dragon attacks with chain lightning, capable of hitting up to 4 other targets after the initial hit, with each successive hit inflicting 20% less damage than the previous one. In order for the lightning to chain onto another target, it must be sufficiently close to the previous target.

Electro Dragons are very effective against bases with clustered buildings, because it can make full usage of its chain damage. Electro Dragons work well with the Grand Warden in air mode as he can boost their health and support them.

The army structure of town hall 15 attack strategy is as follows:

• 7 Electro Dragon

• 7 Balloon

• 3 Healer 

• 1 Baby Dragon

• 1 Headhunter 

• 2 Wall Breaker 

• 1 Archer 

• 3 Freeze Spells

• 4 Rage Spells

• CC troops (10 Balloons + 1 Recall spell, 1 Freeze Spell + Battle Blimp)

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How to use Electro Dragon attack strategy in clash of clans?

Depending on the enemy base, players will understand the army structure and attack strategy and apply it in combat engagements, but it is better to practice attack strategy in multiplayer fights before implementing it. Here are the steps to use this strategy in the game:

• Deploy Queen Walk in a corner, after destroying a corner, recall then and drop in another corner along with King.

• Now, all electro dragons and Grand Warden will be deployed from one side of the base. 

• when dragon enter the base, drop rage spells on own troop and use freeze on defences.

Finally, this is a powerful attack strategy in Clash of Clans that can be used in both multiplayer and clan warfare. 

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