TH12 E-Drag Bat Spell Army Attack Strategy in clash of clans

By Naman Alok | Jan 9, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


In order to gain 3 stars on Town Hall 12 with a new interesting army structure, Clash of Clans was upgraded a few days ago. Now, we shall see the attack strategy after the update. The zap witch, queen charge hybrid, and blizzard attack strategy will be covered in more detail. The best way to use offensive strategy in a Clash of Clans is air troops attack strategy. air troops are destroying the opponent base’s central defences, such as the Inferno tower, Eagle Artillery, and other high damage defences. Other well-liked offensive strategy, including cavalry and mining players, can be utilised in conjunction with air troop attack. But the “flying army attack” is one of the most effective attack methods for Town Hall 12 bases. where a large army of e-drags are used with Rage spells and Freeze Spells.

Most powerful TH12 E-drag Bat Attack Strategy

It is a highly offensive strategy to destroy town hall 12 or the bases above in clan wars and multiplayer raids. Players use it in multiplayer battles to level up  the title leaderboards and reach League of Legends. 

Dragon’s ability to deal chain damage gives it  multiple points of defense at once. It is very effective in defending against strong defenses like Air Defense, Inferno Tower, Eagle Artillery, etc. When used with some balloons, the attack becomes even more deadly and harder to counterattack.

The army structure of town hall 12 attack strategy is as follows:

• 8 Electro Dragon 

• 8 Balloons 

• 6 Bat Spells

• 3 Freeze Spells

• 1 Rage Spell 

• CC Troops ( Balloons + 1Rage spell + Battle Blimp)

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How to use this attack strategy in clash of clans?

Depending on the enemy base, players will understand the army structure and attack strategy and apply it in combat engagements, but it is better to practice attack strategy in multiplayer fights before implementing it. Here are the steps to use this strategy in the game:

• In a corner deploy Queen and King, and electro dragon will deploy on opposite corner of base.

• After that, In the Middle side deploy all electro dragon and balloons Along with grand warden.

• After entering troops in the base, we will use warden ability, so that our troops can survive for a long time.

• Deploy battle blimp on the side of powerfull defences.

• In last corner we will drop all bat spells to destroy remaining defences.

Finally, this is a powerful attack strategy in Clash of Clans that can be used in both multiplayer and clan warfare.

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