TenPuru anime, KamiKatsu, and Konosuba spinoffs now streaming on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has confirmed that it will be streaming KamiKatsu, Konosuba, and TenPuru anime.

credit: Crunchyroll
By Rohit Kohli | Mar 20, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Crunchyroll has confirmed that it will be streaming KamiKatsu, Konosuba, and TenPuru anime. The first two will be streamed on the platform starting in April, while TenPuru will stream later this year.

KamiKatsu: Working for God in a Godless World, the TV anime of Aoi Akashiro and Sonsho Hangetsuban’s Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudo manga, will be make its debut on April 5 in Japan.

The anime will be directed at Studio Palette by Yuki Inaba, and Yoshifumi Sueda will be supervising the series. The writer of the original manga, Aoi Akashiro, is at the helm of the series composition for the anime.

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Release date and story details

The story of the manga focuses on Yukito, the heir of a questionable cult leader. After an unfortunate death, he reincarnates in a world where god and religion do not exist. Konosuba, the anime of writer Natsume Akatsuki and illustrator Kurone Mishima’s Konosuba spinoff novel series, will premiere on April 5 in Japan.

The spinoff focuses on Megumin and her Crimson Magic Clan. Takaomi Kanasaki will be in charge as the chief director of the anime at Drive. Yujiro Abe will direct the series. Makoto Ueza returns for the series scripts, and Koichi Kikuta returns as the character designer. The music will be composed by Masato Koda.

TenPuru, the TV anime of Kimitake Yoshioka’s TenPuri – No One Can Live On Loneliness manga, will be making its debut this year in Japan. Kazuomi Koga will be directing the anime at Gekko, Masato Katsumata will design the characters, and Yohei Kashii will be taking charge of the series scripts. The manga will be digitally released in English by BookWalker Global.

The company describes the manga’s story as follows:

Akemitsu Akegami was always told by his father that “no one can live alone”…but he’s sure determined. After all, his father sure wasn’t saying it with the best intentions, and Akemitsu has no desire to become like that creep. But when a chance encounter with a young woman leaves him with thoughts that are all too impure, he decides to do what he must—become a Buddhist monk and renounce worldly ways. But the temple he decides to devote himself to…is full of women? And that same young woman is there, too?? What’s a guy to do? A new harem rom-com from Kimitake Yoshioka, illustrator of the hit college-comedy Grand Blue Dreaming!

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