Ten most popular mobile games in the world

Mobile gaming has gone from being a way to pass time to a million-dollar industry.

File Photo of PUBG Mobile; Credit: Twitter
By Aaryanshi Mohan | Oct 31, 2021 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Mobile gaming has gone from being a way to pass time to a million-dollar industry. The advances in technology that are used to build smartphones have also led to better gaming technology being employed for the development of these mobile apps and the world of mobile gaming has also led to several popular eSport ventures too. Here we look at ten of the best mobile games right now.


The game that popularised the battle royale genre of video games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – popularly known as PUBG – is one of the newest and most popular games in the world. The game sees players parachuted onto an island where they battle it out for survival using weapons found on the island itself.

Candy Crush

Easily one of the most addictive games on this list, the match-three puzzle video game that requires users to match three types of candies on a game board, with players expected to complete the games either within either a fixed number of moves or in a specified time period.

Among Us

The space-themed game’s popularity can be gleaned from the number of memes it has inspired. The game sees players assume one of two roles on a spaceship – Crewmate or Imposter, with the former seeking out Imposters while completing tasks while the latter seek to kill Crewmates before the tasks are done.


Another game in the battle royale mode, Fortnite’s USP is that it allows players to play either solo or in a group of two, three and even four. The players must survive ‘The Storm’ that engulfs the island as well as each other and they are also allowed to build walls, covers and the like for strategic advantages.

Pokémon Go

This augmented reality (AR) based mobile game sees users capture and train Pokemon around them using GPS services. The game is popular but also frustrating as its all-consuming nature has led to accidents and subsequent regulations as to how the game should be played, but that hasn’t dented its popularity.

Dr. Mario World

Another new entry on the list, Dr Mario World sees the Mushroom Kingdom being invaded by viruses with Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser must don lab coats and defeat the viruses. They encounter a host of characters from the Mario franchise in the process. The game became popular despite mixed reviews.

Free Fire

This battle royale game sees players parachuted onto an island and battle it out for supremacy with the last one standing being declared the winner. What’s more, players can choose from a range of characters as they look to emerge victorious in a game that has steadily increased in popularity.

Clash of Clans

This fantasy land-based game sees players compete against each other as chiefs of their own villages. The players then look to build their villages using resources gained from attacking other players within the game. Despite releasing in 2012, it remains popular among a number of users due to the game’s simple nature.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Based on the action game by the same name, this multiplayer game sees people build a base and upgrade the base’s social structure through mining resources and will train armies to defend against attacking players. Despite mixed critical reviews it remains a hit among fans.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Based on the popular PC and console game of the same name, this mobile game was released in 2019 and has quickly gained popularity. It features a multiplayer mode as well as a battle royale mode and has also become a popular game in the eSports arena.