TEAM XO Wins Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022

The Grand finals of the BGMI tournament, Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022, concluded on February 16th with Team XO winning the title.

The Grand finals of the BGMI tournament, Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022, concluded on February 16th with Team XO winning the title. The 15 Lakh INR prizepool tournament was organized by  Skyesports in association with AMD.

The competition had a total of 16 teams (Top 2 Teams from Grand Slam 2020, Top 2 teams from Championship 3.0, Top 2 teams from Mobile Open, Top 10 teams from Semi Finals). Each team played a total of 42 matches in a span of 7 days. Each day featured a total of six games.

Skyesports BGMI Grand Slam 2022 : Overall standings

Team XO had a disappointing start on the final day, but quickly made a comeback in the second match and continued to show consistent performance to secure the top position with 154 kills and 444 points.

Fan-favorite Team Soul were second-placed with 188 kills and 416 points, they were the most aggressive and dominant team in the tournament but lacked consistency. Skylightz Gaming made a comeback after the bad start in the tournament and managed to grab third place with 161 kills and 387 points. Celsius surprised everyone and had a great tournament as they finished in fourth place with 362 points. TSM finished fifth with 359.

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8bit, who are playing with their underdog squad, also played well to grab sixth place with 345 points while Team Godlike had an average tournament and was placed seventh with 342 points.

Team Nugget were disqualified from the tournament. On the second last day, the ID of one of the players from Team Nugget was banned during the tournament. They were asked to submit their players pov but failed to do the same and hence the harsh decision was taken against them. 

7sea Esports and Velocity Gaming had a horrible tournament as they finished at the bottom of the points table with 224 and 165 points respectively.

Top Fraggers of the tournament

1) Godl Jonathan – 69 kills

2) TSM AquaNox – 67 kills

3) TSM NinjaJOD – 63 kills

4) 8bit MADMAN – 58 kills

5) Soul Akshat – 58 kills

Team Godlike had an average run and finished in 7th position but their star performer Jonathan who is the freeman in the team bagged the MVP award with 69 kills. AquaNox from Team TSM secured second place in the top fragger list with 67 kills. Before the start of the second last day they had the exact same kill but Jonathan performed extremely well and created a 14 kill gap which AquaNox could not cover on the final day.

Prizepool distribution

Winner – 8,00,000 INR – Team XO

1st Runners-Up – 3,00,000 INR – Team Soul

2nd Runners-Up – 1,50,000 INR – Skylightz Gaming

4th Place – 50,000 INR – Celsius

5th Place – 25,000 INR – TSM

6th Place – 25,000 INR – 8bit

MVP – 1,00,000 INR – Team Godlike Jonathan

The tournament was a huge success. The highest watching of 100k was recorded on YouTube on the final day of the tournament on the Hindi stream. First 3 games were streamed on YouTube and the last 3 were streamed on Loco every day as the tournament was sponsored by Loco along with AMD and Logitech.

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