Team Liquid CS GO: Shox officially joins Team Liquid

Team Liquid has roped in one of the best players of CS: GO to their active roster.

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Team Liquid had made a great addition to its CS: GO lineup. The team has roped in one of the best players of CS: GO to their active roster. With this signing, the hopes of fans have gone higher than before.

Team Liquid has dominated in several games over the years, thanks to their consistent and top-tier performances. Their first appearance on the CS: GO scene was back in 2015, and Team Liquid has never looked back since then. After a mixed spell of rewards, the team has created a buzz with its new signing.

Shox joins Team Liquid

There have been many good players when we speak of professional CS: GO players. But only a few can match the quality of Richard Papillon, also known as “Shox” among his fans and in the competitive scene. But Shox did not become a household name in just one day, there’s a history behind what he is today.

Shox was introduced to Counter-Strike by his brother at the age of nine. His parents recognized his talent and he was allowed to pursue gaming seriously. That was the beginning of what will go on to become a great journey.

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Several fans believe that when a player enters their late 20s, their skills start declining. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Shox, as he still excels in the game. He is one of the players to have attended all CS: GO Majors so far.

Team Liquid and Shox will mark the beginning of a new era after his stint with Team Vitality. While not many fans were skeptical about the signing, Team Liquid has confirmed that Shox will be in its lineup.

Recently, Patiphan, a widely known gamer from Thailand joined the popular overwatch team – Los Angeles Gladiators. The team is known to compete in the Western Division of Overwatch League and fans are highly anticipating Patiphan’s return to competitive esports. He has returned to compete in Overwatch after having a successful run in Valorant.

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