Tata Motors enter Esports domain, potential gamechanger for Esports in India

The tournament is scheduled to take place from September 2 till September 5.

Tata Motors has entered the Esports domain with this partnership.

Esports domain in India has been rapidly growing, and the addition of big guns in the game just adds to the value this industry has in India. The country has many Esports organisations that are adding to the scene. Fueling this is the fact that many games, invitationals, and tournaments are being organised. The latest addition to the Esports domain has been Tata Motors who is now the title sponsor for Yuvin Esports’s Valorant invitational. The tournament is scheduled to take place from September 2 till September 5.

Valorant has been one of the most rapidly growing games in India. With the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, many player– casual or competitive found solace in taking up this PC game. Valorant is a 5v5 First Person Shooting game that has 13 rounds for players to attack and defend their side. Each player gets one life per round, and should be able to sustain themselves in order to win. The game has a battle mode, unranked mode, deathmatches, etc. for players to test their skills. In addition to this, the game also has a lot of maps that would help players hone their skills and tactical abilities.

As far as the invitational is concerned, it marks the entry of the country’s biggest automobile manufacturing company Tata Motors into the Esports domain.

Indian Gaming Industry

The ecosystem of the Indian gaming scene is continuously growing. India was placed 16th on the Forbes list that showed how the Indian Esports scene was growing, and the industry is worth billions of dollars. A decade earlier, India’s internet gaming industry was underdeveloped and had just about 25 developers, but with the onset of the internet revolution, things have changed. Today, the nation is home to approximately 250 game developers. Several industry heavyweights have invested in India’s gaming business, including the likes of Tencent, Nazara, Paytm, and Alibaba.

Today, India is globally known for esports, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant and previously PUBG Mobile played a crucial role in boosting the industry. Dota 2 was the first Esport game to have conquered the Indian market, it is a multiplayer online combat game in which two teams in a Valorant like 5v5 format.

Tata Motor entry into Esports

Tata Motor’s addition to the event is a huge up for the community because it only goes on to show that people from the traditional forms of businesses are more than willing to accept the new niche.

While welcoming Tata Motors to the Esports family, Sharang Naicker, CEO & Founder of Yuvin Esports Pvt. Ltd., said, “One of the most premier and established automobile companies, Tata Motors is entering into Esports. The brand name and presence like Tata Motors always incites an environment of awe and veneration for all the communities out there irrespective of the medium they are currently in. Tata Group has been supportive of multiple sports for centuries and now everything becoming ‘e’, it is the perfect time for the grand entry into ‘e’sports.”

Yuvin Esports’ this invitational Valorant Tournament is an engagement with Tata Motors that will coincide with the recently launched all-new Tata Tiago NRG. “Tata Tiago NRG is a perfect car to own for our young, dynamic, tech-savvy Esports enthusiasts. We are extremely proud and excited that Tata Motors have partnered with us to promote Tiago NRG through a modern medium of Esports. This is the first of many events we have planned for the massive Esports enthusiasts’ community. With your love and support, we are sure to build an immensely respected brand,” Sharang Naicker further added.

Next level popularity of E-sports

While many ask what are similarities between sports and Esports, the answer is rather simple. The required dedication, talent, practice, and effort are among the many similarities.

However, one could ask what attracts players towards Esports, then also the answer is pretty simple– it will be the availability.

Virtually everybody with access to a console or a computer could become a professional Esports player. To be a pro gamer, all you have to be is– diligent.

One doesn’t have to be tall, muscular, or be able to jump high. You just need to have dedication and love for the game you’re playing.

In India, people got the exposure to Esports via streamers who played online, and competitively, as well. The argument that Esports should only be for the rich and the wealthy is often shunned by many when they tell their back story.

Many of them did not start with an expensive chair, a huge gaming set up or a super powerful PC. They just had the will to succeed – and they did.

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