Sumit Clash of clans ID, YouTube, Achievements, Clan, All you need To know About Clash of clans Star

Sumit Mallabade is a professional Clash of Clans competitive player. He hails from Pune, India. Sumit 007 is very famous as well as being a professional. He also runs his own YouTube channel which has 16.7 Lakh subscribers. And he also has 144k followers on his Instagram. What to say about them, despite having a game like PUBG, they have made a different identity in Clash of Clans. It is also not wrong to say that He is first India’s famous and Clash of Clans competitive player.

Sumit 007 Biography, COC ID and Success story

Sumit Mallalbade, whom we know by the name of Sumit 007, who hails from Pune India. This is such an India Youtuber who dedicated all his hard work to Clash of Clans.He is India’s first YouTuber or Clash of Clans player to attend the Warriors Championship World League Finals in Hamburg, Germany.In fact, he was the only Indian YouTuber starring in the Clash of Clans game, breaking all Clash YouTuber viewing records by processing 14,000 livestream views. One of his other praises is that Sumit was also the first Indian YouTuber to gain developer access from the Supercell Company. He is also the only YouTuber to reach up to 16.7 Lakh subscribers and find a 3-star attacker at super-fast speeds.

Current COC Stats of Sumit 007

Clan ID – #2Y89QGLUP

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Sumit 007 is currently upgraded at Town Hall 14 base. And his ID has gone up to Level 197. All the Heroes and Pets in his ID have been not maxed out and all his Troops have also become almost maxed. Sumit has so far collected 5153 trophies on Legend League. He is currently on League of Legend with 5005 trophies. It is currently in Sumit 007 Clan. Whose leader is Rock Star.
Army structure of Klaus:
8 Electro Dragon
9 Balloons
1 Giant
1 Minion
1 Valkyrie

YouTube And Instagram

Currently Sumit has 16.7 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel and so far 890 videos have been uploaded on his channel.He also has 144k followers on Instagram.

YouTube :
Instagram :

Net Worth

Sumit 007 is an admirable YouTube Star with a Net Worth of $5 million. The average earnings per video of Sumit 007 is around $64 to $727 and their estimated net worth is between $101.1 thousand and $491.3 thousand. The net worth is calculated based on multiple factors like the monthly views, country, subscribers and user engagement. Based on these metrics, we estimate that Sumit 007 may be earning between $1 thousand to $11.7 thousand a month from their YouTube channel.

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