Study esports: Pace University announces esports program

The new program will have teams in a number of esports titles including League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, and Valorant.

credit: Pace University

American educational institution Pace University has launched its first esports program that will commence in January 2022. Additionally, the university has detailed the development of a dedicated esports and gaming center on the campus.

The new program will have teams in a number of esports titles including League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, and Valorant. The program will also be the 15th sport for the Pace Athletics division at Pace University.

Great opportunity for gaming enthusiasts

The university has also created an official Twitch channel to stream esports as a part of the program. Marvin Krislov, President of Pace University, commented: “Pace is committed to innovative programs that prepare our students for the jobs—and the world—of the future. Our new varsity esports program responds to rapidly growing demand and will give our student-athletes the chance to build the skills all sports demand: teamwork, strategy, leadership, discipline, and so much more.”

The university also said that it plans to develop teams in other esports games as well, and believes Apex Legends and Rocket League are two potential games. Pace University teams will take part in US’ existing collegiate esports championships.

Moreover, Pace University will offer optional opportunities for students to enter esports. As per the release, students can serve as student coaches for the esports teams and be a part of a gaming community, as well as continue with academic opportunities in the field of gaming.

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Road to esports championships

Speaking of esports championships, Acend has become the world’s first team to be crowned as Valorant champion. The team beat Gambit Esports in the grand finale of Champions, the capsone event for Valorant’s first tournament circuit. The grand finale took place at Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany.

The teams went to five maps in a best-of-five format, with Acend clinching the victory on map Split, with a score of 3-2. Acend will take home the prize money of $350,000, while Gambit will receive a sum of $150,000. The semifinalists – Latin American team KRÜ Esports and Europe’s Team Liquid will take home $90,000 each.

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