Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 3: Mission: Flower Garden III

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“Spy x Family” is a manga and anime series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endō. The story follows a spy named Twilight, who is tasked with infiltrating an elite school to assess the abilities of a telepathic girl named Anya. In order to do so, Twilight must create a fake family and enroll them in the school. The manga was first published in Japan in 2018 and has since been adapted into an anime series that premiered in 2021. The series has received positive reviews for its unique blend of genres, including action, comedy, and drama. It also received positive feedback for its unique premise, characters and its representation of family. Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 3: Mission: Flower Garden III

Overview of Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 3 (Whether or not the team is from The Impossible Mission, it doesn’t make logic for them to lose so quickly)

In the starting of episode, Whoever wins the game of paper, rock, scissors gets to carry the bag. Sybilla is tricked into believing they will all pick rock, but they instead opt for paper. The others explain that they want Sybilla to carry the backpack since she is the strongest, and Sybilla is upset that they fooled her. The girls and Klaus then begin their quest and enter the lab from different angles. They are seeking for an Abyss Doll, a biological weapon, as Klaus had before explained. An airborne droplet-transmitted killer virus that has a one-week incubation period and kills its host twelve hours after showing symptoms. Klaus also informs the girls that there will be soldiers and spies stationed in the lab, and that if they become aware of them, they will shoot the girls to death.

The females quickly execute some soldiers they come across while sneaking around. Following Bernard’s warning, Sara finds there is also a spy, one who is skilled enough to avoid Bernard’s watchful eye. They try to kill the spy, Guido, after spotting him, but he evades their fire and detonates a bomb. The bomb explosion catches Klaus’ attention since it is the same hue as the ones his master employs. Klaus soon remembers his training with Guido and how, although being a tenth of a second slower than him, he was never able to beat him. Inferno identified Guido’s corpse after being eliminated, but he now questions whether it was real.

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Guido looks at Lily and thinks it’s odd because Klaus was meant to enter from the west side. Guido surmises that Klaus altered the plan, but that everything will end once he kidnaps the girls. Lily understands that he betrayed his squad and that he is Guido. Guido answers Lily’s question about how he was aware of their strategy by saying that he once resided in Heat Haze Palace and had scattered bugs all throughout. The girls decide to attack him as a group since if they flee, he would apprehend them one at a time. He follows Lily, who places a wire trap in front of him. Then Annette tries to attack him, but he escapes and knocks her unconscious, saying that he is aware of all their tricks and espionage techniques and that they won’t work on him.

The girls are warned by Guido to leave the room or else he will begin breaking Annette’s fingers. Lily emerges to buy the remainder some time. She explains why she chose to keep all seven of them alive and draws comparisons between them and numerous concepts, such as the seven deadly sins. Guido avoids Sybilla and Monika’s attack after they set up a smoke screen, and he discovers Thea. Though she appears innocent, he assumes that she must be “Lust”. Guido’s legs are chained after Thea confirms but says it’s too late and pulls a trigger. After knocking down Grete, Guido explains that Klaus calls him “master” and not “Guido” and that they can’t fool him with that disguise. Klaus then leaps at Guido. Thea is knocked unconscious after Guido frees himself. Thea follows Lily as she emits a toxic gas. Again attacking is Sybilla and Monika. Guido is little affected by the paralysing gas despite realising it because he had held his breath. Then he kills Sybilla, Monika, and Sara, leaving Lily alone. She attacks in rage but is swiftly defeated.

Klaus comes to a standstill. When a woman and a few guards arrive, she claims they were given false information. She also recounts how Guido betrayed them and gave them comprehensive dossiers on every spy working for the Din Republic. She is aware of Klaus’ potential, but he is powerless against them. The minute Klaus covers himself, a minor explosion destroys the two guards who were standing near to the walls. The woman wonders how Klaus put up the trap, but he stabs her in the throat right away. Klaus chooses to question the one guard who is still alive.

Lily surmises that Guido was pursuing Klaus all along after taking the girls prisoner. Guido affirms and explains that they had planned to bring Klaus with Inferno two months prior. To separate him from the others since it would have been more difficult if he had paired up with them, Guido assigned him another job. On that expedition, Guido dispatched top-tier Imperial spies to track him down, but to his amazement, Klaus defeated them all. The Empire’s top priority was to eliminate him. Then, Lily deduces that they tricked him using an Abyss Doll. Guido reaffirms and fires his gun into the air, saying Klaus will arrive to take care of his teammates. With the hostages, Klaus will undoubtedly lose and perish since he cannot defeat Guido. According to Lily, if Klaus shows up, he will perish; however, if he doesn’t, the girls will perish. She does, however, question how long she must continue to play this game. At that same moment, Klaus uses the radio to speak with Guido and let him know he has the Abyss Doll and would be leaving.

Klaus had earlier informed the girl that the Empire would probably be anticipating them. They will appear foolish so that the Empire will undervalue them and think they are ignorant. He advises them to create an opportunity by pretending to be weak in order to trick a certain enemy.

Klaus states that he will put the task first and return home because he is unable to fight Guido. He adds that he has always believed that Inferno contains a traitor. Klaus responds that he just knows it, but he also discovered the bugs he set in Heat Haze Palace when Guido inquires as to how he knows it. He taught the girls Communal Living Rules when they first met him, one of which was to never use their special abilities inside Heat Haze Palace. After realising what he means, the females spend the next month abiding by the regulations. Due to the fact that the girl marvels from academies are not included in Guido’s dossiers about spies, he is unaware of what the girls are capable of. 

Klaus is sure that the females will triumph over him. As foam envelops her and Guido at that very time, Lily says her code name is Flower Garden. Guido dodges Lily’s assaults, knocks her out, and surmises that her use of poison foam was all for show. He declares to Klaus that he has eliminated all of them, but he suddenly notices some bolts coming down. As some pipes start to collapse, he manages to avoid them. This, he reasoned, cannot be a coincidence. He is stabbed in the back at that very moment. He turns and notices another girl who emerged from the rucksack. They are eight females, as Klaus verifies, and were made to live as though they were seven, in accordance with another tenet of the Communal Living Rules. Erna, codename Fool, the eighth girl, is introduced by Klaus. 

On the second day, Erna joined the girls, but the girls make care to never bring her up. She is an expert when it comes to mishaps and calamities, and her keen senses enable her to subtly detect omens of doom, enabling her to entangle others in them. Guido scoffs in disbelief that they gave up a month of their lives for only one hit before passing out on the ground.

Lily lets the girls free. Lily is then shielded from Guido by Erna, who leaps into action and shoves Lily aside. He explains that he briefly lost consciousness because it had been a while since he had been in this circumstance, but all they managed to do was slow his movements by one-tenth of a second. The girls find it hard to believe they were only able to accomplish that, but Klaus applauds them. The girls receive the bioweapon from him when he arrives, and he instructs them to flee. After that, Klaus and Guido fight. Klaus points out that he caught up to Guido because of the females, and that as a result, Guido is no longer his enemy.

After a week, Klaus informs C that the mission was successful and that everyone made it out alive. The females had returned to respective academies after disbanding Lamplight, a transient squad. The girls no longer feeling like washouts will make Klaus feel better about his inadequate teaching style. When C inquires about Guido’s body, Klaus replies that that was all he could bring back and hands him a little box. Guido told Klaus to murder him after Klaus defeated him and asked why he had betrayed them. Klaus reveals that he will dissolve Lamplight so that the two of them can reassemble Inferno. Guido thinks Klaus is too soft, but after spotting a sniper, he shoves Klaus away and then gets shot by sniper. In his last moments, Guido tells Klaus to make sure to protect them this time.

The box is in Klaus’s hand while he sits on the couch. Eight girls suddenly appear in front of him, claiming to have finally caught him, and his legs are tied. Although the girl claims they lied because they are spies, Klaus notices that they returned to their academies. They are free to make any demands they want and to remain as Lamplight as long as they have him in custody. The girls explain that they are still learning from him despite Klaus’s assertion that they could have just inquired. They are still not suitable to be his opponents, Klaus says as he releases himself with a smile. They will continue their lessons, he says after congratulating them.

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