Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 2: Mission: Flower Garden I

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“Spy x Family” is a manga and anime series written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endō. The story follows a spy named Twilight, who is tasked with infiltrating an elite school to assess the abilities of a telepathic girl named Anya. In order to do so, Twilight must create a fake family and enroll them in the school. The manga was first published in Japan in 2018 and has since been adapted into an anime series that premiered in 2021. The series has received positive reviews for its unique blend of genres, including action, comedy, and drama. It also received positive feedback for its unique premise, characters and its representation of family. Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 2: Mission: Flower Garden I

Overview of Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 1

The Great War, the largest war in human history, left significant scars on the nations of the world. When it was over, the world’s affairs showed a major transformation. Klaus is informed that he has been given a solo “impossible assignment” with a success rate of less than 10% and definite death if he fails while painting. Klaus accepts it without hesitation. If he is successful, his boss promises him a new title: The Greatest Spy in the World.

Politicians were aware of how terribly war performed in terms of both expense and casualties since killing was made possible by modern technology. After that, spies engaged in struggles for information in shadow wars instead of countries aiming guns at one another. Klaus breaks into a building and takes some photos. In the meantime, some gals break in and manage to take out some soldiers. The girls become serious when they realise there is a second spy.

The Din Republic establishes spy schools and subject pupils to rigorous training ten years after the Great War. Even though Lily is about to graduate, she learns that a brand-new spy squad is interested in hiring her. Lily gets dressed in the fresh outfits provided and makes her way to the Garmouth Seminary in Port City Arranq while pondering how she managed to graduate after so many close calls with expulsion. She enters the building and looks for the meeting room while dressed as a new student. She eventually discovers a hidden route and takes it to a big manor. She hurries in as the conference is about to begin and introduces herself using her code name Garden Flower, but she is shocked to realise that there are only little girls present. The girls reprimand her for being late and enquire about her academic performance. When they inquire about her grades and Lily replies that they weren’t great, the girls understand that she is just like them.

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When Klaus arrives, he greets them. He says that he is their new manager and that they are a new spy squad called Lamplight. They will be undertaking an Impossible Mission after a month. They can get to know one another now before their instruction begins tomorrow. They are all washouts, and their academies were pleased to get rid of them, Sybilla says as Klaus departs. Lily learns they will be residing here when Grete discovers a letter containing Communal Living Rules. They decide to have supper, and as they eat, they see that everyone is from different academies, which they find odd. Furthermore, even among first-class spies, the death rate for Impossible Missions is around 90%. Lily believes everything will work out, and Klaus will train them. The girls then spend the day enjoying themselves.

The following day, Monika inquires about their purpose and the reason they were picked up before Klaus begins speaking. Although he is unable to provide more information, Klaus says they will be infiltrating the hostile Galgad Empire. He hands them locks and challenges them to open them using a pick. The mechanism seems too intricate to Lily, who estimates that it will take her at least fifteen minutes. After returning the locks, Klaus quickly unlocks each one. He emphasises that they will be able to achieve the same with the help of his lessons. When they are strong enough to finish the Impossible Mission, he will continue to teach them here at Heat Haze Palace. He goes back to the lockpicking class and instructs them on how to properly operate the tool. The girls ask for a little more clarification, so he explains to them how to quickly open the lock once more. They still seek a little more explanation, despite the fact that they haven’t seen or learned anything. He asks them if they will be able to understand his other lessons after realising they were unable to follow what he said or did. As the girls protest, Klaus recognises he is a poor teacher and instructs them to use the remaining time of the day for independent study.

Following some conversation, Sara surmises that the teacher is not interested in saving any of them and views them as disposable pawns. Lily visits Klaus that evening after dinner. He says he is exploring new teaching techniques while painting but hasn’t come up with anything yet. Lily suggests they go sightseeing, which could provide them some inspiration and provide him with a list of places. The following day, they leave, and Klaus is astonished that it is just him and Lily. Klaus resolves to purchase them some mementos after Lily explains that the other rejected her. He offers some canned food and describes how to prepare it and combine it with other foods. Lily declares it to be wonderful and notes how nicely he just explained the bill. They spot a thief, but Klaus gives the wallet to the elderly woman as the man races past them. When Lily inquires about his method, Klaus replies that he simply did it. He inquires as to how she buttoned her shirt, made the collar, etc., but Lily is unable to respond. According to Klaus, it’s the same for him and he acted automatically. Lily understands that he makes decisions based only on instinct since his intuition is so strong, which is why he finds it difficult to explain.

Emai Lake is on Lily’s bucket list. As they proceed, Klaus reveals that the area’s most well-liked tourist destination is crowded. Lily is able to spot one empty boat, but Klaus prevents her from boarding it before she does. He explains that it is the responsibility of the guy to walk on the boat, give it a once-over, and extend his hand for the woman to board. He exhorts her to never forget that sight, the smiles of the people, and many other things as they see the sunset. He reveals that there was once a bomb assassination attempt on the market, but spies acquired that information and halted. It is the spies’ responsibility to keep people safe while they begin to recover from the wounds of war. Since she still wants to live, Lily explains that she can’t go with him on the mission even if she assumes that’s why they are being used as sacrifice pawns. She switches on a gas that paralyses Klaus and causes him to fall. According to Lily, her strange physiology prevents poison from killing her. She was the only survivor of the Great War’s exploitation of her community as a test site. She was saved by a spy, so she wanted to become a spy and defend her nation. She doesn’t want to die because if Klaus could teach them, they would all perish. She threatens to stab Klaus with a poisoned needle if he doesn’t disband the espionage team and form new teams for everyone.

Although Klaus appreciates her efforts, he is unsure of how long he should continue to engage in their game. The boat begins to fill with water as soon as he shackles Lily’s legs. Even though Emai Lake is the most well-known tourist destination, it wasn’t on her itinerary, according to Klaus. He surmises that if she were to act, a boat in a lake would be the most sensible location because no one would be there. Lily explains that she left it out so that he wouldn’t be able to assume that he may be assaulted there, but it appears that her plan backfired. Klaus points to a notice that says the boat is out of commission when she asks how he knew they would take this boat. She understands that he boarded the boat first in order to obstruct her view of the placard. The instant she arrived for her visit last night, he sensed she was going to attack him. When Lily learns she left the antidote in her room, she agrees to give it to him anyhow. Despite the fact that she could search him while he was paralysed, Klaus didn’t steal the key to her cuffs. While Klaus predicts the boat would sink in five minutes and orders her to begin rowing, Lily claims the poison will lose its effect in ten minutes.

When they go to the land, Lily surmises that Klaus let her poison him, and Klaus confirms it because he wanted to see how well she would do. He commends her for anticipating the situation and taking action before anyone else. She will lead Lamplight, he decides. That’s cool, but Lily points out that he still can’t teach. She, according to Klaus, helped him come up with a fresh concept. 

The girls are gathered the following day, and Klaus lets them know they are not being used as pawns in a sacrifice. Each one was individually chosen by him, and he won’t let anyone die. As the best spy in the world, he could easily complete the task with their help. Lily assures them that everything will be fine and reveals that she is their leader. Then Klaus challenges them to defeat him after describing his training regimen.

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