Soul Qualified for BGIS Semi Final? Big Question for Fans, Check Out What's The Latest Update

Team Soul BGIS 2021 (Credits: S8UL)

The quarterfinal matches are now over, and we have 24 top-performing teams qualified for the BGIS Semi Finals. Team SouL, who finished seventh in group 4, was disqualified from the competition. However, a leak from community veterans suggests that Team SouL may make it to the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 semi-finals. Let’s have a look at the possibilities. Soul Qualified for BGIS Semi Final? Big Question for Fans, Check Out What’s The Latest Update.

The group 4 matches were completed on the final day of the quarterfinals. Godlike Esports is currently in first place in Group 4 standings. SouL, on the other hand, crashes near the finish line, bringing their voyage to a halt at the BGIS 2021. However, due to ringing, Team 4 HEROES will be disqualified, according to reports.

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4Heros Disqualified Reason

4Hero, a semi final qualified team has allegedly been disqualified from the tournament because allegation of RINGING have been raised against them. For the ones unaware, a RINGER in sports is an impostor, especially one whose pretense is intended to gain an advantage in a competition.

A non-registered player used a registered account to play. Krafton seeks to disqualify the squad because this is against the regulations. Following that, Team SouL may be given a spot in the Semi-Finals as the next team to qualify in the relevant group. Formal confirmation is still pending, so we’ll have to wait for Krafton’s official statement. Today is the first day of the Semifinals. The following is a list of qualified teams.

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BGIS Semi Final Teams

Day 1 Group 3 Qualified Teams 

  • Hyderabad Hydras
  • 7Sea Esports
  • Old Hood Esp
  • Only Glitch
  • Revenant Esports

Day 2 Group 2 Qualified Teams 

  • Reckoning Esports
  • Team Chicken Rushers
  • 247 Gaming
  • Team XO
  • The Supari Gang

Day 3 Group 1 Qualified Teams 

  • Skylightz Gaming
  • OR Esports
  • Orgless Five
  • TSM
  • Team XSparK
  • Celsius Esports

Group 4 results have been taken down by Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Instagram, giving rise to speculations that something is wrong and that soul qualified for BGIS Semi Final might just be a fleeting possibility.

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