Sony Forms New Studio with Ex-Deviation Developer Team: Rumors and Expection

There is opportunity for speculation because the studio's location is still unknown as of the most recent update

Credits- Sony
By Naman Alok | May 12, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

It is possible that Sony is forming a new team that includes former Deviation members, Deviation previously developed video games but they stopped operations. They had promised to create a major PlayStation game, but it never showed up there have been rumours on a work website that some former Deviation employees may be a member of this new company.

It was suggested that Jason Blundell a former Deviation employee could be the leader of this new group other cues came from Twitter. According to one account Blundell is now employed by Sony so maybe the company is assembling a new development team that includes former Deviation employees.

A Partnership with Sony New Studio and Expection

JC Farmer a former employee of Deviation Games, revealed in a December 2023 tweet that he was working as a junior game designer at PlayStation Studios under Blundell’s supervision. Barely a year has passed since Blundell left Deviation Games when this information was revealed. 

When combined with Anthony’s revelation there is a greater chance that a new internal PlayStation team will be largely made up of former Deviation members. When Deviation Games and PlayStation announced their partnership at the Summer Games Fest in 2021 it attracted a lot of interest. 

This information raised questions regarding the genre of the next AAA project even though co-founder Dave Anthony stated that it may enhance PlayStation’s lineup significantly. Also the connection was regarded as a guarantee of long-term financial stability. However, the studio had a difficult journey beginning with the resignation of Jason Blundell in 2022 and ending in major job cuts that impacted over 90 people in 2023, in the end Deviation Games failed to make its first game public.

Other Details about this Partnership 

There is opportunity for speculation because the studio’s location is still unknown as of the most recent update, it’s possible that Blundell’s group is working on a project with a different studio. But, according to Anthony the team’s membership includes “top-class developers” from Deviation which means that a new title is just as possible. 

It’s interesting to wonder if Deviation’s prior project will be continued and we will have to wait and see. Still, a former employee of Deviation named Michael Anthony’s LinkedIn post suggests that the studio will be continuing its story. An undisclosed new IP project is being worked on by many former Deviation Games employees at a newly established PlayStation studio according to Anthony. 

Anthony’s perspective on former colleagues interests is valuable because of his previous position as Technical Director at Deviation. According to the LinkedIn post Jason Blundell may be spearheading the project which is consistent with previous reports that Sony was assembling a new studio comprised of former Deviation staff members.

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