Snax BGMI joins team XO Esports

Snax BGMI joins team XO Esports

Snax BGMI has joined Team XO. He had previously hinted at joining the squad during his streams, but now he has made an official announcement. Snax is one of the circuit’s most experienced players. He has competed in a wide spectrum of national and international tournaments. Team XO, on the other hand, is a young and energetic group.

Team IND (headed by Snax) won the inaugural invitational competition, The Opening Party, shortly after the launch of BGMI. Their latter results, however, fell short of expectations. Team Velocity signed their lineup a few months ago, but they were unable to qualify for the BGIS 2021 Finals.

Snax BGMI joins team XO Esports

Team XO BGMI roster

  1. Sensei- Deepak Negi (IGL)
  2. Snax- Raj Varma (Filter IGL/Assualter)
  3. Punkk- Ashutosh Singh (Assaulter)
  4. Cyrus- Lokesh Yadav (Assaulter)
  5. Fierce- Ritesh Nawandar (Assaulter)

Snax’s career and role in XO Esports

Snax began his career in 2019 with Learn From Past. In the PMCO 2019: Spring, the team came in fifth place. Snax was signed by Team Insidious (IND) in late 2019.

Snax (along with three other roster members) joined Velocity Gaming after nearly two years with Team IND.

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Team XO has consistently been one of the most successful BGMI teams on the circuit. They took first place in both BGIS: The Grind and the WD Black Cup Season 2 competitions. The squad competed fiercely in the BGIS 2021 and finished third in the overall standings.

EsportsXO, an Indian esports organisation situated in Bengaluru, sponsors Team XO. They were founded in 2020 and have rosters in titles such as BGMI, Clash of Clans, and Valorant.

Because the game will be held during the Asian Games in 2022, the competition will be fierce. The team will have a lot to adjust to, and it will be interesting to watch how Snax fits into the lineup. Krafton is also planning to create an esports roadmap for India in 2022.

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