Smite Guide: The Best Gods to pick for Beginners in Smite

Smite is a popular MOBA that has been around for a long time, and although not having the same level of popularity or reach as League of Legends, it continues to thrive. It not only offers fun licensed battle pass cosmetics, but it also introduces new playable characters on a regular basis. Smite is constantly evolving, but there are always a few characters who make new player onboarding much more forgiving and welcome them onto the battlefield. best smite gods for beginners

When you first start playing Smite, there’s a lot to understand, and with 117 playable gods and creatures to pick from, it’s sure to be daunting. Thankfully, there are a few beginner-friendly characters to guide you into the various roles, as with any good MOBA. These are the vital Gods that will assist newbies to those coveted early wins, whether you’re working as a laner to push forward or defend, or roaming the map acquiring buffs in the all-important Jungle role.

Since 2014, High Rez Studios’ unique mythologically inspired MOBA, Smite, has captivated console gamers (largely due to its great cross-play capacity). Every day, fresh players are drawn to the battleground. The basic conquest mode sets five-player teams against one another on a typical three-lane map, using a unique third-person perspective, with the goal of defeating the opponent’s Titan to win.

Chaac: A Self-Sustaining Warrior With A Presence

As a new player, you’re likely to be preoccupied with what’s going on in your immediate vicinity. Winning individual fights against another player can boost confidence, and Chaac, a Warrior class deity, might be a good fit. The Mayan God of Rain has the ability to heal himself, allowing you to continue in the fight longer. His other skills, combined with his ultimate, allow him to both slow and mute the enemy’s usage of their own abilities. He can perform one ability without draining mana for every five successful melee attacks he lands. For beginner players learning the game of Smite, this passive ability is simple to grasp and use. best smite gods for beginners

Geb: Life-Saving And Fight-Changing Guardian

It’s difficult to get people interested in support characters when they first start a multiplayer game. Saving a teammate, on the other hand, may be just as fulfilling as obtaining a kill, as the Guardian class deity Geb demonstrates. He can apply a shield to anyone on his squad, including himself. In addition to his crowd control powers. best smite gods for beginners

This might spell the difference between your team winning or losing a team fight by destroying opposing gods. Shielding others is simple to comprehend, and knowing when it’s appropriate to do so can give you a true sense of success when it comes to feeling like you’re improving your game.

Ymir: A Guardian Who Can Protect And Control

For new players who assume the Guardian class is exclusively consisting of support gods, Ymir is a fantastic learning opportunity. Ymir can give lots of safety for his teammates with his freeze and wall abilities. But with the appropriate build, he can also deal substantial damage. Using Ymir will teach inexperienced players how to work together with their colleagues while also providing an easily digestible set of combination moves that can really cause havoc in larger battles with the opposition team.

Vulcan: Unassuming Mage With Real Damage Potential

There are various gods in the Mage class who are welcoming to newcomers, but Vulcan may be the most surprising. He has restricted movement due to his natural limitations, but when combined, his powers may deal massive damage. best smite gods for beginners

His ultimate is also a lot of fun for beginner players. Because they can fire a long-range missile in the hopes of hitting unsuspecting adversaries with a lucky shot. It will become evident how much damage one can deal out with sufficient practice and progress once you get the knack of popping players in the air with his ‘meatball’ and following that up with his line attack.

Artemis: The Trappings Of A Reliable Hunter

Artemis is the most straightforward Hunter class in terms of powers. But it is also the riskiest pick for beginner players. Because she moves slowly, map awareness and placement are essential. Her traps irritate enemies passively, and when combined with her ultimate. Which summons a gigantic boar that hurts and stuns gods in close range, she can be quite irritating. If you chose her, make sure you’re playing with a supporting character you can trust. Because that relationship might be the difference between a high kill count and low deaths and a battle where you’re just fighting to survive an opposing assault.

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Sun Wukong: A Straightforward, Tanky Warrior

The monkey king Sun Wukong, according to Chinese folklore, was acclaimed a hero following his expedition to the West. He’s been called a lot of things, but above all, he’s a fantastic Warrior. Warriors, being Smite’s single laners, are the most beginner-friendly class due to their tanky nature and versatile build options.

Wukong is a safe bet for novices with minimal equipment. Somersault Cloud, his ultimate, is a superb evasive ability that pulls him away from the fight while recharging his health. As a result, participants can get right into the action while knowing they have an easy way out if necessary. best smite gods for beginners

Thor: A Formidable, Versatile Assassin

The fearsome Norse God of Thunder, a member of the Assassin class, is an excellent pick for learning the jungler job. His hammer-clad abilities are ideal for getting the job done quickly because of their tremendous damage output and mobility. Tectonic Rift, his second ability, provides some breathing room in the form of a crowd control stun and block, while Berserker Barrage, his third ability, unleashes five bursts of damage in rapid succession.

Overall, Thor is a versatile all-arounder with a high skill ceiling and combo potential. It’s a great place for novices to spend their time.

Hun Batz: A Perfect Assassin For New Junglers

Hun Batz, the howler monkey god, is another beginner-friendly jungler. He is, arguably more uncomplicated than Thor, has a simple kit. Because to his strong melee abilities, can deal a lot of high single-target damage. His Infused Strike passive increases his basic damage by 15% every time an ability is used. Making him a potentially devastating late-game opponent.

His Sacred Monkey is a terrific ranged tool for team-assisted kills, and his ultimate, Fear No Evil, is one of the simplest to use: he’ll create a totem to ward off and harm the other team, and your friends will handle the rest. This fascinating character is based on a Mayan god from mythology.

Sobek: A Powerful Crowd-Controlling Guardian

Sobek, the crocodile deity, is a terrifying Guardian who serves as a support character on the battlefield. He’s a destructive force to be reckoned with, an aggressive deity with some of the strongest crowd management in the game. Guardians must understand when to begin fights in addition to safeguarding their hunter companions. Charge Prey, Sobek’s ability, can quickly lure an enemy out of position, and if used correctly, can be a great way to bring the fight to a vital foe.

Simply because of this learning curve, Sobek is an excellent choice for newcomers wishing to get their feet wet in the Guardian role.

Achilles: A True Jack-Of-All-Trades

The indestructible Achilles, a Warrior at heart, can play a variety of roles, including solo, support, and jungle. The Greek fighter can be a powerful hitter thanks to his short cooldowns, auto-cancels, and a passive (Gift of the God) that can provide additional power and movement speed. His greatest strength, though, is his adaptability. Achilles can basically be anything the player wants him to be, and he can be sculpted to fit any play style.

You’ll be able to try a little bit of everything with this jack of all trades, whether you choose to go for an aggressive, damage-dealing strategy or a tanky, defensive construct. As a result, learning with him is quite beneficial.

Neith: The Weaver Of Fate Is A Easy-To-Pick-Up Hunter

Neith is the first god introduced to players when they start Smite’s in-game tutorial. And he’s a good god to get to know. Hunter is Smite’s carry class, doing significant damage. And the weaver of fate is widely regarded as one of the easiest gods to learn as an ADC beginner.

Players can easily maintain a safe strategy while doing a huge amount of damage to rack up those much-needed kills thanks to built-in healing, good CC skills, and an ultimate that can impact the fight from any point on the map.

Ra: The God Of The Sun Scorches From Safety

For newcomers, the god of the sun can be a blistering option. Because the majority of his damaging abilities are line targets, they can be practiced before being used to their maximum capacity. This allows gamers to practise their aiming skills. Ra has healing properties and is a pretty safe play, despite not being a healer by definition.

While he isn’t the simplest god to master, and the early game can be difficult, maximizing Ra’s potential can frequently lead to a successful mid game. Overall, he’s one of the most rewarding starting gods to master. If you want to get into the world of Smite cosmetics, Ra also has some fantastic in-game skins.

Agni: A Powerhouse With A User-Friendly And Deadly Ultimate

Agni, the god of fire, is a formidable Mage with high-damage ranged skills. His Rain Fire ultimate is unquestionably his most appealing feature. Since it allows players to retain three charges instead of the usual one. Agni fires three blazing boulders in 18-second bursts that deliver massive area damage. And because of the short cooldown, all three strikes aren’t required to make an impact.

Agni is quite safe for a Mage, with a very useful dash ability. Yet as the squishiest class, it’s still best not to fall out of position too much.

Guan Yu: A Monstrous Melee Machine From The Get-Go

Guan Yu, a saint of war and defender of justice, is an ideal Warrior for newcomers. With a basic kit to learn and a healing first that reduces cooldowns. His mobility is also enhanced by Warrior’s Will. Which gives him a frantic burst of speed to either evade oncoming assaults or chase down the opposing team.

To top it off, he has a devastating ultimate that protects him from CC damage. Not to mention a Painless passive that improves all of his skills once fully loaded. Simply said, Guan Yu is a melee machine for newcomers.

Kukulkan: Perhaps Smite’s Best Newcomer Pick

The division between Godly beings and legendary creatures is one of the most appealing aspects of Smite’s roster. Kukulkan, the beautiful Mayan serpent, is one of the most terrifying creatures on the planet. best smite gods for beginners

Kukulkan is essentially the Smite community’s universal starter recommendation. The snake of the wind possesses a large AOE, a quick movement speed, and a reasonable level of safety. Its ranged abilities can deal with minion waves efficiently, slowing foes with first Zephyr and dealing solid CC with third Whirlwind. Kukulkan, like Thor, is simple to learn but difficult to master, and it’s fun to play.

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