Small Brawl challenge in Clash of Clans: Information, rewards, and more

It is well known that Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game. In which new events are introduced in the game by Supercell every few days. Which players are very fond of because players can participate in these events and win games, gold, nectar and black elixir. Players can participate in these challenges for free. All they have to do is modify their army at least according to the challenges. This time game features a challenge called Small Brawl challenge in which the player has to win 10 multiplayer battles by adding a specific amount of Witch to their immortality. Which will give them magic items, resources and experience points. This article cover about the Small Brawl Challenge and its rewards.

Small Brawl challenge in Clash of Clans

Small Brawl Challenge we get to see in the events section of the game. During this event players can train super minion at low cost to win multiplayer battles. Some in game details about Small Brawl challenge:
The Small Brawl Challenge is similar to the Hasty Balloon, Wizards of awez and Shiny Tiny challenges. Players have to train at least 1 Super minion to win 10 multiplayer. The number of super Minion trains in Army Camp will be based on the Town Hall. Players with Town Hall 12 must deploy atleast 1 Super Minion.

In small Brawl challenge, players will get 60% off on super Minion. Along with Witch, players get to use some powerful forces like dragon, electro and balloons . So that players can easily win multiplayer battles and complete the challenge.

Completing the small Brawl Challenge in Clash of Clans will help players earn special items and experience points. The low training cost during the event provides an added advantage to the players, allowing them to complete the challenge faster and with less elixir cost.

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Small Brawl Challenge Rewards

Players must use minion along with the some spell, dragon, electro and balloons. to win multiplayer battles and complete the Witch Slap Challenge. Rewards for completing the Super Brawl Challenge include experience, magic items, resources, and more. Following are the various rewards players can get after completing the Witch Slap Challenge:

• Completing the Small Brawl Challenge will grant a Hero potion that will increase the level of Heros in home.
• Players will gain 400 experience after winning ten multiplayer battles using balloons.

Finally, the Small Brawl challenge is one of the best military challenges in Clash of Clans. Players must use the minimum number of Witch specified in the challenge information to complete it.

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