SkRossi Valorant Settings, Key Binding, Crosshair Setting and PC Setup

Rossi is also one of the most promising prospects in the Valorant community.

Ganesh Gangadhar, often known as SK Rossi, is a well-known Valorant gamer in India. Rossi is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who has also represented India at the international level. Currently, SkRossi is a member of Global Esports and an important member of his team. SkRossi Valorant Settings are as follows

SK Rossi, like Jett, is known for his valiant performance. Rossi is also one of the most promising prospects in the Valorant community. As a duelist for his squad, he has won multiple titles with Global esports. He is also a founder member of the team, having joined shortly after its creation. Sk is a unique player when compared to others. Rossi didn’t have the best overall stats at the VCT 2021: APAC LCQ, but he held his own and earned a spot.

SkRossi’s settings are routinely questioned by devoted gamers. There’s no need to question if you’ve had the same thought as me. However, just because these settings work for SkRossi doesn’t mean they’ll work for everyone else. Crosshair settings are heavily influenced by a player’s game style. The following are the SkRossi Valorant Settings:

SkRossi Key Bindings : SkRossi Valorant Setting

CrouchLeft Ctrl
WalkLeft Shift
JumpMouse Wheel Down
Ability 1C
Ability 2V
Ability 3E
Ultimate AbilityX
Primary Weapon1
Secondary Weapon2

SkRossi’s Crosshair Preferences:

Skrossi enjoys a fast-moving crosshair. He continues to experiment with numerous Famous Valorous Players Crosshairs. Here are a few of the crosshairs he’s used in the past.

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SkRossi Mouse Setting

MouseZOWIE EC2-A White
KeyboardRazer Huntsman Elite
MonitorBenQ ZOWIE XL2740 240hz
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 5600x
MotherboardMSI B550M Pro
MousepadZowie P-Sr Mousepad
HeadphoneHeadphone LogitechG proX
WebcamLogitech C310 webcam (720p)

SkRossi Mouse Setting

DPI800In-game sensitivity 0.42 (Scoped) 1
Polling Rate10006 (Windows Pointer Speed)

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