Sideways encounter Fortnite: How to complete a Sideways Encounter

Fortnite Season 8 brings new challenges for the players and among them is the need to complete a Sideways encounter.

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Fortnite Season 8 brings new challenges for the players and among them is the need to complete a Sideways encounter. The Sideways is a new location that debuted at the end of Season 7. Just like Abductors in Season 7, Sideways Anomalies appear over several locations in Season 8.

To find it, players will have to enter one of the three purple diamonds that appear on the map. After entering one, players will be placed in an alternate version of the Named Location. Cube Monsters will be around and players should that they are extremely dangerous to interact with.

How To Get To The Challenge?

Players will need to complete several Character Quests within this location for XP towards their Battle Pass. The most difficult of these asks players to “Complete a Sideways Encounter.” Torin, a new character provides this challenge to players.

To unlock it, players are required to speak with Torin on the map to begin their questline. Players can find her wandering in the purple fields to the west of Corny Crops.

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Players will have to get comfortable with this location since all of Torin’s Punch Card quests require different tasks within it. The quests include:

  • Enter the Sideways: 12k XP.
  • Collect a Sideways weapon: 14k XP.
  • Deal 100 damage to players with a Sideways weapon: 16k XP.
  • Eliminate 10 cube monsters in The Sideways: 18k XP.
  • Complete a Sideways encounter: 20k XP.

It’s imperative to note that Epic Games might have this location disabled due to potential glitches, which means players cannot complete these challenges until this error is fixed. After clearing out the first four quests, players will be required to loot around the area and gather weapons and shields for the final quest – the Sideways Encounter.

How To Complete A Sideways Encounter

To complete it, players will need a lot of firepower. This is because completing the encounter will need players to beat every wave of enemies within the Sideways anomaly. Once players enter this location, they will get a bar on the top of their screen with three different reward markers.

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