Should you buy Valorant Lunar New Year bundle or not?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Jan 28, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


A new bundle is arrived in Valorant. A bundle for limited-time is now accessible in Valorant to enjoy the Lunar New Year but you might be thinking if is it worth buying or not? To know more about the Luna Bundle that is obtainable now via the in-game Store, keep reading. Should you buy Valorant Lunar New Year bundle or not?

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Lunar New Year is coming with Luna Bundle, including cosmetics specially made to enjoy the Year of the Rabbit. It is now available in the shop at JAN 26 PT.

So, should you purchase Lunar New Year bundle or not?

Different from other shooter games, the guns skins in Valorant do not give any kind of benefit. They do not help you to make your goal decent nor do they enhance your gameplay in either Unrated or Competitive modes in the game.

As Valorant is a free-to-play game, players who have a device competent of playing the Valorant can play it. Skins are made extraordinary by their design and the impacts. Gamers also have the capability to buy bundles at a less cost. In bundles, you can obtain skins for up to four guns, which includes one melee weapon, and other cosmetics such as gun buddies and player cards.

Now that Valorant has launched a bundle to enjoy the Lunar New Year, gamers are evaluating their choices.

Check out the guns available in the bundle:

  • Ghost
  • Marshal
  • Spectre
  • Vandal

Know if it is worth buying?

If you check out the bundle at first, it will looks fascinating. The skins for both the guns and the melee weapon are wrapped in blue marble having a gold wavy patterns. Nonetheless, the only con of this bundle is that the skins do not have any kind of impacts. Other than the visual impacts of the melee weapon, there aren’t any Finishers or other impacts for the guns.

Depending on that, it seems like the Lunar New Year bundle in Valorant is not actually worth buying. So, we suggest you to better off saving your Valorant Points for guns that have outstanding impacts.

Prior to the Lunar New Year bundle released, the Araxys bundle was accessible for a restricted time. This is a top-tier skin bundle where each gun had Finishers and other variants you can buy.

The only purchase that’s worth it in this bundle is the Gun Buddy, in our honest opinion. The melee skin comes in second for its design. Other than that, we don’t see the gun skins as a purchase that is worth it.

If you really wish to make worthy purchases, assume waiting for other guns that may look in your daily Store rotation. Also, you can look out for the upcoming planned Night Market in Valorant.

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