Sheever Discusses Being Rejected from the DPC 2023

By Naman Alok | Jan 26, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


At the commencement of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023, the talent pool in charge of broadcasting and analysing the matches also saw some changes, which affected the Dota 2 community more than just roster changes. Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden, the host, recently broke her silence via a Twitch broadcast, and commentator Owen “ODPixel” Davies are two significant individuals who have been absent this season. Sheever doesn’t understand why she isn’t hosting any of the six DPC leagues because she believes she was performing well. She claimed that she has thought about refocusing on things other than esports in light of the current conditions. Sheever Discusses Being Rejected from the DPC 2023

Sheever claims she is unsure of the reason she was not invited to the DPC 2023

When asked if Sheever would be soon spotted in a DPC setting, a user asked if she would be working the upcoming Tour. Sheever replied with doubt and said she might not be. She thought that without the greater community expressing the same concern, this scenario would not improve. However, her Twitch chat was interested in her disappearance from the hosting panel.

‘I don’t know,’ I’m uncertain. Since I was not accepted to the DPC for this season, I must admit that it is beginning to seem doubtful that I will be invited to the DPC for the following season as well. It is therefore somewhat regrettable. I literally have no idea, therefore I won’t pretend to know. I considered my work to be fairly competent. Apparently, it makes no difference.

Well, if nobody truly gives a damn, I doubt much will change. The fact that you guys can tell me is obviously fantastic, but since I’m not the one making decisions, I have no idea. It appears that the general population has accepted it fairly well, which is excellent.

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Then, a moderator in her Twitch channel brought up how her job as a Dota 2 broadcaster depends on which tournament organiser wins the right to host the competitions. Sheever, who concurred, claimed that this situation had left her feeling “insecure” and had prompted her to search for more varied employment opportunities.

To put it another way, “That uncertainty is exactly why I am looking into trying to see what else I could do outside of esports and Dota because that insecurity is simply not for me anymore. My ability to handle it used to be excellent. That is no longer mine. It is likely the reason Sheever has also been on the sidelines that Dreamhack/ESL, which usually employed Sheever, did not win any of the six regions this time in the DPC.

The question of whether she will be invited to the Lima Major in 2023 remains unanswered despite her comments that she wouldn’t participate in the second Tour of the DPC 2023 either.

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