Sentinels Valorant: All classes of Valorant explained

Valorant is a tactical shooter but there are many things that set it apart from the crowd.

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Valorant is a tactical shooter but there are many things that set it apart from the crowd. It has a cast of characters, called agents, bringing distinct personalities and flavor to the title. Each agent brings a unique set of abilities and playstyles.

As of now, there are 18 agents in the game, covering 4 classes – Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels. A well-rounded team usually features one character from each class, adding something different to the composition, and offering both defensive and offensive abilities.

In the finals of VCT Champions in December 2021, Acend – the winners of the event – pulled out a standard four-class in the second map on Ascent. The team played Astra (Controller), KAY/O and Sova (Initiators), Killjoy (Sentinel), and Jett (Duelist) for extra firepower.


  • Jett
  • Phoenix
  • Neon
  • Raze
  • Reyna
  • Yoru

Duelists are “self-sufficient fraggers,” as the game developer likes to describe it. They’re the agents that cause the most impact, offering aggression to a team comp.

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  • Astra
  • Brimstone
  • Omen
  • Viper

This class of agents excels in “slicing up dangerous territory to set their team up for success.” This comes in form of smokes that can come in handy in blocking off the target’s vision offensively and defensively.


  • Breach
  • KAY/O
  • Skye
  • Sova

These agents “challenge angles by setting up their team to enter contested ground and push defenders away.” Initiators are good at setting up their teammates for success.


  • Chamber
  • Cypher
  • Killjoy
  • Sage

These agents are “defensive experts who can lock down areas and watch flanks, both on attack and defender rounds.” Since the game involves planting or defusing the Spike, Sentinels are very important.

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