Season 16 of Apex Legends Leaks: New Legend Information, Reworks, and More

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Players of Apex Legends are already interested in what Season 16 of the game will bring them. Limited-time modes (LTMs), cosmetics, a new legend, and character changes are just a few of the new things that Apex Legends introduces each season. But according to reports, Apex Legends Season 16 may mark the first time in the game’s history that no new legends are introduced. Since this has been discussed in the community for quite some time, gamers should probably anticipate getting a new legend in Season 17. Thordan Smash, a leaker and YouTuber for Apex Legends, discussed this lately on Reddit. Season 16 of Apex Legends Leaks: New Legend Information, Reworks, and More

Season 16 of Apex Legends has no new legends.

I truly believe Respawn won’t have a new legend for season 16,” Thordan Smash said in response to a Reddit user who discussed a possible banner tease for the forthcoming legend on December 8. We’ll see. Notably, Thordan has previously stated that the information he releases comes from dependable sources, such as insiders at Electronic Arts or Respawn Entertainment. The next member of the Apex Legends cast has been discussed, though, and leaks have revealed that the new legend would be called Ballistic, the Apex Arms Dealer.

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In Apex Legends, who is Ballistic?

Thordan Smash tweeted on December 9th, “Imagine if Apex Legends had a tactical that fires a bullet that, if it lands, makes the enemy put their weapon away. People would go ballistic if they had that kind of skill. Ballistic’s skills are connected to weaponry and weapon utility, in line with a PWN Hub video that claimed to have learned about them through leaker NightTerras.

These are the names of his abilities:

• Passive: Weapon Sling

• Tactical: Smart Bullet

• Ultimate: Weapon Enhancer

What other modifications are there in Season 16 of Apex Legends?

Thordan Smash discussed the new classes that Apex Legends Season 16 will introduce once more. He also expressed his excitement for the rumoured in-game changes to Pathfinder. He declared, “I’m all with the new classes in Apex Legends having another leaker leaking information about them. Finally getting a good overhaul, baby, is Pathfinder. It appears that he left the name of the real leaker off the list of improvements coming to Apex Legends in Season 16 that he released.

The image may have been a leak, according to which Respawn intends to change the game’s class structure and do away with the four classes of Attack, Defense, Support, and Recon. Assault and Skirmisher are two other classes that the developers purportedly intend to implement. Defence legends will supposedly fall under the “Control” legends category, according to the source Thordan cited.

Final thought. Keep in mind that all we have seen is text; we have no idea how any of it will actually play, so refrain from making overly-optimistic or underpowered comments. When Rampart was released and shown to the main sub, it was the funniest uproar, according to the leak.

“It also makes sense given LAN is now on February 2nd in London, no class changes will take place until February 14th on season 16, so pros won’t be impacted until the next split,” continued Smash.

When will Apex Legends Season 16 be available?

The 14th of February 2023 is most likely the date set for the release of Apex Legends Season 16. The Battle Pass that was launched on November 1st is used to determine this. It ends 105 days later on February 14th, which is when it expires.

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