Sasuke Retsuden Manga Chapter 6: Part 1 & 2

The series was first published in Japan in 2008 and has since been collected into multiple volumes

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Sasuke Retsuden is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshiyuki Nishi. The series is a spin-off of the popular manga series Naruto and focuses on the character Sasuke Uchiha. The series was first published in Japan in 2008 and has since been collected into multiple volumes. The manga has not been officially translated into English, but it is available in fan-translated versions online. The story of Sasuke Retsuden follows Sasuke as he continues to develop his skills and seek power, while also delving into his past and exploring his relationships with other characters from the Naruto universe. The series has been well received by fans of the Naruto franchise, and has been praised for its action, plot and character development. Sasuke Retsuden Manga Chapter 6: Part 1 & 2

Overview of Sasuke Retsuden Manga Chapter 6

• PART – 1

Zansru’s footsteps may be heard as he approaches, interrupting Sasuke as he attempts to make sense of the rocks and chickens being kept in the basement. In order to avoid Zansru finding him, Sasuke releases the shadow clone he has been employing while labouring at the digsite with the other inmates. Later, Sakura receives word from Kakashi that Prince Nanara has made up his mind to remove the Prime Minister and that he has started an invasion on Nagare Village.

Despite the fact that Sakura is still unsure of what the assets are, she guesses that this is their intended purpose. Zansru has been developing these assets. Nevertheless, she writes a report to Kakashi regarding what they’ve found thus far.

At dinnertime, Sakura searches for Sasuke so that she can inform him about Kakashi’s message, but she is unable to locate him. She is approached by Ganno, one of Sasuke’s cellmates, as she is contemplating sitting at a table. They converse until Sakura’s new wedding band catches Ganno’s eye, causing him to inquire about her husband.

In an open discussion of Sasuke, Sakura enumerates all of his positive traits. Ganno remarks that Sasuke is fortunate to be married to her even though she never mentions Sasuke by name to keep their relationship a secret.

• PART – 2

When it is completely dark, Sasuke takes Sakura to the lake he had earlier seen, which has now taken on the appearance of a starry sky, which is outside the Institute’s boundaries. He tells Sakura that the “sky that plummeted to earth” where the polar particles are supposed to be located is possibly the one we are in right now. Sasuke reveals that he isn’t concerned about the quality of their connection as they savour the scene’s beauty. He does regret, though, that he doesn’t come home more often; whenever he comes home after a lengthy trip, he is reminded of everything he has missed by the subtle changes Sakura and Sarada have endured. However, Sakura reassures him that he shouldn’t worry because she shares his sentiments.

Sakura checks her Hoshinarabe cards, which she has brought with her, to determine which hand seals are necessary. Sasuke observes her as she turns the cards over and sees what appears to be a picture of a lizard and a rock on the reverse. He is corrected by Sakura, who explains that it is truly a meteorite and a dragon. According to legend, meteors are said to have wiped off all of the dragons that formerly existed in Redaku.

Sasuke recalls the passage Penjira read in the book mentioning the presence of dragon fossils close to the Institute. He thinks back to the odd rocks in Zansru’s hidden basement and assumes they are fossils the inmates had dug up. The chickens are another factor.

A strong light erupts from the water as Sakura completes the hand seals. She approaches it and pulls out what she believes to be a jar containing polar particles. She reports that there is a lot of chakras coming from the container, but Sasuke is unwilling to spend time looking into it and instead urges them to get back to the Institute. An explosion back at the Institute, which features dragons resurrected by the Impure World Reincarnation, cuts short Sasuke’s explanation as Sakura questions why.