Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 Spoilers and Raw Scans Leaks are Out Now!

Uzuki and Rion are running away from a dangerous gang. While they are fleeing, we learn more about their pasts.

Credits- VIZ
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Chapter 174 of Sakamoto Days is eagerly awaited, and spoilers and raw scans are already out. In this chapter, Rion and Uzuki are running from a deadly gang which provides us with more background on them. Undercover, Rion is spotted standing over a lifeless victim. Because she believes that her friends must kill their enemies in order to survive, she won’t accept a regular job to support them. Meanwhile, Uzuki isn’t sure if their acts are morally right or wrong. Tensions increase as they prepare for their missions and make choices that may impact their lives. Intense scenes between Rion and Uzuki appear in the last chapter, including a fight and a risky escape.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 Release Date 

Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 is set to be released on July 15, 2024, right at midnight. The publisher has officially confirmed this update, so mark your calendars and prepare for the new chapter, the wait is almost over.

Viz Media is the official spot for Sakamoto Days manga, lets fans dive into Chapter 171 and all the earlier ones with legit translations.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 Raw Scan & Spoilers

Credits- Viz

Uzuki and Rion are running away from a dangerous gang. While they are fleeing, we learn more about their pasts. Rion is shown undercover and standing over a dead body. She gets money from a man who asks if she wants to work for him instead but she says no, she doesn’t want a normal job. The man talks to others about Rion, saying she is very good at what she does even though they don’t know who she really is.

Rion goes back to Uzuki, who sees blood on her hand. Uzuki asks if she killed someone again, Rion admits she did and says it’s the only way to save their friends. She explains they need money and weapons to fight the many skilled assassins at the facility. Uzuki doesn’t want anyone to die, especially not Rion but Rion believes they have no choice but to kill their enemies. As they go to sleep, Uzuki thinks Rion is being selfish, while Rion thinks Uzuki is naive and dreams of making the world kinder.

Elsewhere, someone reports Uzuki and Rion’s location. Rion gets a new job to escort a young girl to safety even though Uzuki wants no more killing and Rion reluctantly agrees. Uzuki feels guilty about Rion’s actions and reads a message saying he will be contacted in a few days. Suddenly, Asaki shows up and tells Uzuki to help Al Kamar’s friends by doing one last job: killing a skilled assassin, Uzuki thinks of his friends and agrees.

As Rion travels for her new job, she decides it will be her last kill. Both Uzuki and Rion get ready for their missions and each hopes to reach their goals.

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