Sakamoto Days Anime Set to Premiere on Netflix in 2024

The May 2024 issue of License Global announced that Sakamoto Days will be one of Netflix's big releases in 2024.

Credits- Yuuto Suzuki
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The popular Sakamoto Days manga is getting an anime adaptation which will be available on Netflix in 2024. The story is about Taro Sakamoto who is a former assassin and now lives a normal life. Fans have been waiting for this and it is finally happening. Netflix has secured the rights and TMS Entertainment is producing the anime. While some fans are worried about how Netflix will release it and many are excited to see their favourite manga turn into an anime.

Netflix Secures Rights to Sakamoto Days Anime

Netflix has picked up the rights to Sakamoto Days which is a popular manga by Yuuto Suzuki. This anime is set to come out in 2024 and Netflix is growing its anime collection to attract more viewers, and Sakamoto Days is a great addition.

Fans have loved Sakamoto Days for its unique story and interesting characters since it first came out. After four years of waiting the anime adaptation is finally happening.

The May 2024 issue of License Global announced that Sakamoto Days will be one of Netflix’s big releases in 2024. It is coming out alongside other big shows like Squid Game Season 2 and other series, this shows Netflix’s dedication to offering a variety of content.

Sakamoto Days tells the story of Taro Sakamoto, a former top assassin who now lives a quiet life as a convenience store owner. After marrying the woman he loves, Sakamoto tries to leave his violent past behind. But his previous life continues to haunt him and disturb his quiet lifestyle. The plot combines humour, action and memorable characters, this is the reason why it is a success in the manga world.

Currently Sakamoto Days has 165 chapters out with Chapter 166 set to release on May 19, 2024. The series is still going strong and building up anticipation for its upcoming anime adaptation.

Production and Release Speculations

There hasn’t been an official announcement from the creators of Sakamoto Days about an anime adaptation. The main source of this information is still the License Global listing. There are rumours that all the episodes are already finished and that the anime will come out in late 2024.

Many fans are thrilled but some are unhappy with Netflix’s plan to release all the episodes at once. They feel this takes away from the weekly excitement and discussions that usually happen with new anime episodes.

The Sakamoto Days anime is said to be produced by TMS Entertainment, the studio behind popular shows like Fruits Basket, Dr. Stone and Baki. With their strong track record of making great anime, fans are even more excited for the release.

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