Saitama vs Tatsumaki: Chapter 177 One Punch man Manga

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One Punch Man is a manga series written and illustrated by ONE, who began publishing it on his personal blog in 2009. The series quickly went viral and was later picked up for official publication by Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics in 2012. The story follows the adventures of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch but becomes bored with his own power and struggles to find worthy opponents. The manga has been adapted into an anime series and has become a cultural phenomenon, with merchandise, spin-offs, and video games. The series is still ongoing with the latest chapter being released weekly. Saitama vs Tatsumaki: Chapter 177 One Punch man Manga

Chapter 177 One Punch man Manga Tatsumaki become Evil in this Chapter 177 

In the starting of the chapter, a rich kid is enjoying the facilities of the Hero Association with his girlfriend, when the coffee kept on his table starts shaking. So the boy says this is such a safe place that even a small earthquake is not detected. As he said this, suddenly the building starts shaking very loudly and everyone gets scared and we come to know that Saitama is in the base of the building.

Scene shifts and we are shown the fight between the Tsukuyomi and Tatsumaki. Mysterious man is thinking in its mind that Tatsumaki is very powerful with psychic power and I am in a disadvantage. Tatsumaki says that you can never match me on any level. After that the Tsukuyomi makes a gesture. Fubuki, who is trying to open a rift that Saitama fell through in the previous chapter, she faints. Here one thing is revealed that a imposterof mysterious man is included in Fububki’s group and he had also added deadly poison and Sleeping Medicine to Fububki’s cosmetic. 

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Tsukuyomi tells Tatsumaki not to make any movement now, and let him do his job. Tatsumaki does nothing to save his sister. The Tsukuyomi blasts a gate and frees all the monsters and reveals its master plan, where if the half-eaten body of the monster and human remains, no one will ask except the witch sister. Now, 2 impostors also come who had mixed the medicine. All the people of that place become desperate because there are demons of dragons level. then suddenly there is a sound and we see Saitama coming and tearing apart a demon. Tatsumaki also reaches his full potential. The impostor is about to give Fubuki a deadly poison, but Tatsumaki dilutes the medicine so much that it doesn’t affect Fubuki. Tatsumaki quickly takes out the same medicine and injects it into the impostor, and impostor becomes weak. Tatsumaki speaks in Evil Form When I’m done here, I’ll ask you every single thing about the Sukomi Group. Fubuki, if you stay with people like these, enemy can easily take advantage of you. Tatsumaki says, this time enemy attacked in front, but what will you do if they ever attack your weak points like your team. The Fububki group speaks to Tatsumaki, please let us know about the current situation so that we can be prepared in advance to deal with the enemy and take proper measurements. Tatsumaki angrily says that your leader’s life was in danger because of your stupidity. 

Tatsumaki had become like Evil at this time, she says to Fubuki group I will kill you so much that you all will be in a state of dying and will never even think of becoming a hero. then Saitama holds Tatsumaki’s hand and says that you are both sisters, you are doing all this to lecture your sister, you do not need to kill anyone.

So guys this chapter ends here

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