S8UL Esports expansion plans are revealed by Thug

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Co-owner of S8UL Esports Animesh “Thug” Agarwal has discussed the organisation’s long-term goals for growth in a variety of esports titles. He said that none of the company’s games, including FIFA, Valorant, Brawl Stars, and Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), will be getting new rosters. He continued by going into more detail about the reasons the company is not thinking about employing anyone for these positions. S8UL Esports expansion plans are revealed by Thug

S8UL Esports has decided to stop signing new esports rosters.

Two of the most well-known esports teams in the CODM esports ecosystem in India are GodLike Esports and Team Vitality. The COD Mobile World Championship 2022 was just played in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States of America, and these two teams recently competed against other teams from across the nation to qualify for it (USA). One of Thug’s viewers recently questioned him during a Livestream about S8UL Esports’ intentions to add fresh players to their roster. Thug responded by denial in a split second.

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Thug gave this explanation when asked why no new roster has been signed: “I think that in CODM, India is quite constrained to what GodLike Esports and Team Vitality have to offer. Since they have the two strongest lineups in India, it is pointless to enter CODM,” remarked Thug. Thug then discussed Brawl Stars after that. There are Brawl Stars after that, although it is not widely available in India. One lineup is currently a free agent after previously being a member of Stalwart Esports. The lineup appears to be the greatest in India, in my opinion. Brawl Stars has not made any commitments, and it is difficult to foresee what the future may hold.

Saransh Jain and Charanjot Singh, two Indian players, have inked contracts with GodLike Esports to participate in FIFA esports. The FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 saw India represented by Saransh and Charanjot. In addition to praising the two newcomers to GodLike Esports, Thug said that Saransh is the best player he has ever seen and that Charanjot is also a very strong player. He also said that it was unlikely that S8UL will compete in this division.

What is the company’s strategy with regard to Valorant esports, a different viewer questioned Thug. When Thug was asked about it, he vehemently denied that S8UL had any intentions of joining the title. At the Esports Awards 2022, S8UL Esports most recently took up the coveted “Content Group of the Year” title. S8UL Esports intends to branch out beyond of India in 2023, according to Thug, who mentioned this in his award speech. It will be interesting to see what S8UL Esports’ future holds.

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