S2G Esports Won the title of PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022

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After a heroic battle between 16 of the finest teams in the world took place on the third and final day of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Grand Finals (PMGC) 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia, as was to be expected. As the action-packed competition came to a close, Turkish team S2G Esports was named the overall winner in front of thousands of spectators from Indonesia and around the world at the jam-packed Jakarta International Expo. S2G Esports Won the title of PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022

About S2G Esports Won

Mahalini and Alvin Jo’s performance of “Be the One” at the commencement of today’s games was a highlight. They are both well-known performers in the area. The first game featured all 16 teams, and it was played in Erangel. Four Angry Men, a formidable Chinese squad, won the match. In the second game, which was played in Miramar, the home team Alter Ego upset the Malaysian team Geek Fam, much to the delight of the fans.

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With 18 eliminations, the Thai side Vampire Esports demonstrated their superiority in the third game. The third battle saw the theft of the WWCD from Geek Fam once more, right in front of their eyes. With a victory in Miramar, the Thais’ winning streak extended into the fourth game.

To the surprise of the home crowd, Alter Ego was eliminated very rapidly in the fifth game. In fact, the loss of a squad member to the zone and the subsequent ambush put Geek Fam in a precarious position. When Vampire Esports discovered Godlike Stalwart in one of the houses, they were forced to withdraw in 12th place. The penultimate match was wrapped up by IHC Esports with a crucial WWCD.

Teams arrived at Erangel in Jakarta, Indonesia for the final time as the final game began. Geek FAM took Alter Ego’s place after the latter was regrettably ousted pretty quickly. In the championship game, S2G, a Turkish powerhouse, came in third. The former global champions Nova Esports from China were ultimately defeated by Vampire Esports after a remarkable comeback. S2G secured a total of 190 points when the dust had cleared, demonstrating their superiority over all other teams in the championship. Geek FAM had to settle for 10th place while Alter Ego finished in 14th. The MVP prize for the finals went to STE TOP, and Vampire Esports finished in sixth place.

Fans were giddy after a thrilling final as PMGC 2022 drew to a close, regardless of which team won, and it is a sure sign of an event that was successful. For upcoming esports competitions in the region, PMGC 2022 has established a high standard. Let’s hope that this prestigious event will serve as a model for other significant events.

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