Roblox: Five best scary Roblox games

The list appears to be endless, and while most Roblox games are colourful, there are a few scary Roblox games that provide a chilling scare.

Roblox characters. (Image: Twitter/Roblox)

Roblox has an ever-expanding list of custom content, providing players with a plethora of fun games to play. There’s something for every type of player, from popular role playing games to button-mashing fighters. The list appears to be endless, and while most Roblox games are colourful, there are a few scary Roblox games that provide a chilling scare. While this kid-friendly game may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for the next horror hit, it can still deliver some of the most terrifying surprises.

Five best scary Roblox games

Finders Keepers

In this first-person survival horror game, you’re tasked with investigating strange occurrences at a family’s home. As a Paranormal Investigator, your mission is to discover the truth about the powers that caused the family’s disappearance. Throughout your investigation, you’ll have to navigate dark rooms, find hidden discs, and avoid the demonic entity that inhabits the house. In this scary Roblox game, you can expect plenty of jump scares and creepy surprises.


Based on the urban legend of “Teke-Teke,” this terrifying game is full of terrifying experiences that will frighten even the most ardent horror fan. Your family is nowhere to be found when you return to your childhood home. You’ll be constantly looking over your shoulder as you try to avoid the Geisha as the constant hum of unsettling music plays in the background and your feet tap on the wooden floor of the house as you unravel the mystery. With a slew of jump scares, puzzles, and the hypnotic feeling of being followed and watched, this one will undoubtedly keep you awake at night.

Alone in a Dark House

You’re tasked with investigating a house in Alone in a Dark House, which is similar to Finders Keepers. Instead of being a paranormal investigator, players assume the role of a private investigator tasked with solving a heinous murder case. This terrifying Roblox game supports co-op play and includes fully voiced characters, two distinct locations, and a variety of puzzles to solve. Of course, the creepy killer stalks the corridors looking for new victims, so players are never alone.

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The Mimic

The Mimic, one of the scariest Roblox games on this list, keeps the community coming back for more thanks to its terrifying game design. It transports you back to your high school as you descend into a horror-filled world in search of a group of your missing friends, with four chapters of updates to work your way through alone or with friends. The Mimic can be played with up to ten people, and with eerie audio effects, lighting, and jump scares, this truly terrifying world will have you reaching for a blanket in no time.

The Maze

If being thrown into a vast maze with only a flashlight and a camera to your name sounds like fun, then this terrifying Roblox horror game might be for you. This maze, unlike traditional mazes, is located deep underground. This not only helps to completely disorient the player, but it also makes things scarier when your flashlight runs out of batteries. To make matters worse, this maze is being followed by a swarm of creepy creatures. Join forces with up to 12 other players to see if you have what it takes to escape The Maze.

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