Riot Gun Buddy: How to get it in Valorant?

Valorant Gun Buddy enables players to boost their weapons with some extra flair.

credit: Riot Games

Valorant Gun Buddy enables players to boost their weapons with some extra flair. In this article, we will discuss how to unlock the Riot Gun Buddy and add it to the collection. Valorant comes with charms called Gun Buddies, which players can equip to weapons. While there are no advantages, they do help players distinguish themselves from others.

This is especially true if players get their hands on Valorant’s rare cosmetics such as the Riot Gun Buddy. Unlike other Gun Buddies in the game, this particular weapon charm needs players to put a little more effort to unlock.

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Here are the requirements players will need to obtain the highly-coveted Riot Gun Buddy:

How to unlock Riot Gun Buddy?

If players want their very own Riot Gun Buddy, they are required to demonstrate good sportsmanship during a match with a Riot employee. This ultimately encourages them to keep positive interactions with Valorant’s community, so maintaining a good attitude is paramount.

Well, there isn’t a certain way to guarantee that players will even play with a Riot employee, which could make unlocking the Riot Gun Buddy more difficult. However, if it does happen with a member of Riot, then players should be sure to demonstrate that they have good sportsmanship.

This will boost their chances of earning a Fist Bump and claiming this highly anticipated weapon charm. It’s imperative to note that there’s a limit to the number of Fist Bumps each Rioter has to give out to players, so instead of asking for one, it’s best to let in-game actions do the talking.

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