Riot Games Generate Over $20 Million For Valorant Teams

The Riot's Games, Leo Faria, said the company had awarded more than $20 million to teams from the in-game champions bundle and prize pool.

By Shubham Dalal | Nov 10, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Developers and tournament organizer Riot Games created one of the biggest prize distributions in esports history with Valorant Champions, and Riot’s wants that trend to continue next year.Earlier this month at the Esports Business Summit, Valorant Esports’ global head for The Riot’s Games, Leo Faria, said the company had awarded more than $20 million to teams from the in-game champions bundle and prize pool.The Champions Bundle, which was made available to Valorant players in August earlier this year, raised more than $16 million for teams in attendance, but sales continued to grow following the announcement.If you need more information about it,then read all article giving below and share with your friends.

Riot’s Game Generate Over $20 Million For Valorant Teams :

Teams participating in Champions were awarded 50 percent of the revenue generated from skin sales. This will likely continue next year as Riot is partnering with 30 teams from around the world.Next year Riot is moving VCT Circuits to a partnership system. In total, 30 teams from around the world have been selected to partner with Riott to participate in three international leagues at the highest level of competition. The league will serve as a qualification method for international events such as the Masters and Champions.

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Riot has partnered with selected teams to allow both sides to “win together”. In the world of esports, generating revenue has been one of the biggest issues for organizations and companies alike.”We want to create an ecosystem where teams will take part in the economic success of the all valorant league and more valorant tournament ,” he also said this. “A formal relationship with all esports teams enables us to collaborate us closely on ambitious projects to create great fan experiences all peoples liking after this,and help everyone reach a larger audience for all tournament , attract new brand partners, and help millions across the globe.” Manufactures digital products that connect fans.”

However, teams do not receive a free pass if they choose to partner with Riot for international leagues. Instead of paying an entry fee for Riot, teams will need to invest capital in esports to ensure the development of the competitive Valorant.“We want them to commit to professionalizing their organizations, building capabilities, providing great careers for their players and all esports team , and ultimately developing fandom,”

Faria said.”Teams that did not secure a Valorant partnership with Riot would have to qualify through the Tier Two Challengers and Ascension Circuit. According to Faria, the teams that qualify will be provided with the financial assistance provided by Riot in the form of stipends”.

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