Revealing Dr. Ratio's Power: Explore 1.6 Leaks, Eidolons, and Signature Lightcone in Honkai Star Rail

Unique buffs and damage increases are provided by Dr. Ratio's eideolons, which include The Calamity of Arrogance, Minuscule Yet Profound

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By Naman Alok | Nov 16, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The anticipation among gamers for Honkai Star Rail 1.6’s second half is building as new leaks reveal the secrets surrounding Dr Ratio’s upcoming arrival. Trusted sources have revealed information on Eidolons, Dr. Ratio’s powers, and the finer points of his unique Lightcone, “Baptism of Pure Thought.” Examining these disclosures in more detail will reveal the exciting additions that players may look forward to in this much awaited update. Revealing Dr. Ratio’s Power: Explore 1.6 Leaks, Eidolons, and Signature Lightcone in Honkai Star Rail

Dr. Ratio: A Coveted 5-Star Imaginary Unit

Dr. Ratio is a highly sought-after 5-star Imaginary unit in the Honkai Star Rail universe, which enhances the roster of characters in the game. Players may expect Dr. Ratio to become a powerful DPS character when he joins the Hunt route with well-known units like Seele and Topaz.

Elemental Affinity and Rarity

The Hunt and Dr. Ratio are inextricably linked due to their inherent affinity for Imaginary. Because of the formal declaration by the developers that he is a 5-star rarity, players may anticipate high standards from this top-tier character.

Dr. Ratio’s Remarkable Abilities

Leaked information, stemming from Project Yatta, provides an in-depth look at Dr. Ratio’s prowess:

Basic Attack – Mind is Might

  • Deals Imaginary DMG equivalent to 50% of Dr. Ratio’s ATK to a single enemy.

Skill – Method of Cognitive Enhancement

  • Triggers Talent effect once. Every debuff on the target activates the Talent, dealing Imaginary DMG.

Ultimate – Three-Step Paradox

  • Deals 144% of Dr. Ratio’s ATK in Imaginary DMG, inducing Folly of Sages. Allies attacking affected targets enhance Dr. Ratio’s Talent follow-up attack chance.

Talent Cogito Ergo Sum

  • Randomly gain buffs, including follow-up attacks, ATK increase, CRIT Rate and DMG boost, and SPD increase. Buff effects last for 3 turns.

Technique – Mold of Idolatry

  • Creates a special dimension, taunting enemies, and inflicting SPD Reduction.

Eidolons Enhancing Dr. Ratio’s Prowess

Unique buffs and damage increases are provided by Dr. Ratio’s eideolons, which include The Calamity of Arrogance, Minuscule Yet Profound, and Know Thyself. Dr. Ratio’s powers are enhanced by these eideolons, which also give the game more strategic depth.

Revealing the Signature Light Cone: Baptism of Pure Thought

Details on Dr. Ratio’s hallmark Lightcone, “Baptism of Pure Thought,” have surfaced in the latest data mine. It is expected that this sophisticated enhancement to his armoury will be included in the event warps of version 1.6. The stolen information offers an early look at the potential stats and powers of the product, while the final version may be different.

Lightcone Stats:

  • Max HP: 953
  • Max Attack: 582
  • Max Defense: 529

Ability (Mental Training):

Enhances Critical Damage, inflicts extra Critical Damage contingent on debuffs, and bestows a Debate effect when using an Ultimate to attack.


increases the amount of CRIT DMG, extra CRIT DMG, total DMG dealt, and DEF penetration of the follow-up attack gradually. In the upcoming Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update, players can expect an exciting encounter with the impending arrival of Dr. Ratio and the unveiling of his amazing kit and signature Lightcone. Prepare to unleash the power of this remarkable Imaginary unit and stay tuned for further details!

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