Returnal tips and tricks: How to heal in the game?

Returnal is difficult game and the enemies in the game that players will find across Atropos are ruthless.

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Returnal is a difficult game and the enemies in the game that players will find across Atropos are ruthless, and won’t stop at anything to kill players over and over. Whether players are struggling to kill a boss or they have already made their way to the Fractured Wastes, they will need to always be looking for ways to heal.

What Is Silphium?

It is a resource that players will find throughout Atropos. It has the ability to heal players for a specific amount of Integrity. The amount that it heals players buy depends on the size of the Silphium chunk. These can come in different sizes, ranging from small to large.

Silphium chunks heal players the moment they pick them up, but they cannot be carried. Thankfully, there is a consumable version that lets players heal instantly whenever they need it.

What Are Inert Reclaimers?

Players should find Silphium almost everywhere, so they shouldn’t worry about it too much. However, if they are struggling to locate any Silphium, they should look for an Inert Reclaimer. They enable players to lie down and heal themselves during a run. Reclaimers can be found on side paths in most biomes. Players can interact with them to start a short cutscene and bring their health to normal.

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What Is Silphium Resin?

They look pretty much like Silphium. However, instead of healing the players, it raises their maximum Integrity. Each time players collect three pieces of Silphium Resin, their health cap goes up. They come in different sizes.

Large Silphium Resin counts as two pieces. The amount required to raise max health can be raised or lowered by different effects in the game. Certain Artefacts might make it lower, whilst Parasites and Malfunctions could make it go even higher.

Can Players Heal At The Crashed Ship?

When exploring the first biome, players have the luxury to return to the crashed ship. If they go inside, they will find a bed. Sleeping in this bed will heal them fully, just like Inert Reclaimers do.

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