Returnal Reconstructor: What is it and how to use it?

Returnal has a lot of interesting as well as confusing mechanics.

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Returnal has a lot of interesting as well as confusing mechanics. And, one of them is a reconstructor, a device that randomly appears on all Selen cycles across Atropos. But what exactly is reconstructor and what’s its use in the game?

A reconstructor is equivalent to a checkpoint in the game. These are big circular statues with a horned Xeno form imprinted in the middle. Players can walk up to them and hit the ‘triangle’ button to activate them.

Returnal Reconstructor Explained

Once players activate it, they’ll see a cutscene and will be able to continue their run. They will then return to the reconstructor when they die, saving some of the progress through a biome. The locations of the Reconstructor are random, though they’re most often found behind the blue triangle side-path doors.

Some of them will be deep in a biome; some will be closer to the beginning of a level. It all depends on Returnal’s RNG and how every biome is procedurally generated in a particular cycle.

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How to Use a Reconstructor

To use it, players will require ether. Each Reconstructor “charge” will cost players 6 ether. It can be found randomly in each of the game’s biomes; it appears as a purple drop in the environment, and it is often already on the ground once players enter an area. Players do not lose ether when they die and return to the Helios crash site.

When players die after charging a Reconstructor, they won’t lose weapons or upgrades as they normally would. Moreover, any enemies killed between the Reconstructor location and where the player died will remain eliminated if players have already killed them.

It’s worth noting that Reconstructor can only be used once per run. Once players die and respawned, they won’t be able to charge that specific reconstructor for the rest of the cycle. Players can also find other constructors in other biomes of the game, and use them as checkpoints.

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