Returnal Grappling Hook: How to get it in the game?

One tool adds a completely new layer to the mix once players pick it – Returnal grappling hook, the Icarian Grapnel.

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Traversal is an integral part of Returnal. Staying on the move and performing well-timed jumps and dashes are very crucial to surviving in the game. But one tool adds a completely new layer to the mix once players pick it – Returnal grappling hook, the Icarian Grapnel.

Similar to other permanent items and keys players pick up in the game’s biomes – the ones that stay with players even after they die, the grappling hook isn’t available to players when they start the game. Rather, they have to make their way through a few boss fights to get it.

How To Get Grappling Hook

Players get the grappling hook after taking down Ixion, the second boss in the game. The boss can be found at the end of the Crimson Wastes biome. The get there, players will be required to first bet Phrike, the first Returnal boss at the end of the Overgrown Ruins.

The Icarian Grapnel is a part of Xeno technology that can be found on a body in the middle of the arena once players defeat Ixion. Players can pick it up, and Selene attaches it to her suit.

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How to Use the Icarian Grapnel

The grappling hook will enable players to get to inaccessible places in each of Returnal’s procedurally generated biomes. As players have made their way across Atropos, they’ve likely seen platforms and ledges that have a circular yellow light. Also, they have also likely come across floating spheres with yellow light.

These are all grappling points, and when players get near these yellow orbs of light, the “triangle” button prompt will appear. Players need to press “triangle” to use the grappling hook.

Many of these points lead to side areas that hide crucial upgrade items including resin, silphium resin, ether, parasites, and artifacts that can effectively change their run. If they don’t hide items, fabricators, or items, for instance, grappling points enable players to gain the high ground, which could be very beneficial when going against a plethora of enemies like Titanops, Automotons, and Kerberon.

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