Ram Rider New Troop coming in Clash of Clans

By Naman Alok | Dec 10, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Clash of clans is a fun and strategic game. In this game, Players attack the other player’s bases with their army. Players use different type of troops in their army structure. There are many troops available in the game and all troops have different powers and abilities. But in this winter season update, Supercell will introduce a new troop and super troop in the game. Ram Rider New Troop coming in Clash of Clans

New Troop and Super troops info in Clash of Clans 

Winter Update is a special update in Clash of Clans.  Every winter there are some new troupes and a lot of things to see through Supercell.  This winter season is going to see Ram Rider Troop and 1 Super Troop.

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Some time ago a video was uploaded on the Twitter account of Clash of Clans. In that video, something glowing is seen going inside the drum of Super Troopers. But on a closer look, we can see a faint glimpse of one of the Super Troop having horns, and he looks like a Super Barbarian. It is also rumoured that the new Super troop is going to be an upgraded version of Super Barbarian.

‘RAM RIDER’ New Troop

Ram Rider is going to be a ground troop. The favourite target of this troop is defences. It can target a single defence at a time. Its housing space is 12 and its movement speed is 22. Ram Ryder has ‘CHAARRRGEE’ ability.  with the help of this ability, it can break almost 3 Highly upgraded walls simultaneously.

• Damage Per Second: 300

• Hitpoint: 2100

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