Rainbow Six Siege: When is Solis coming to the game?

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid is the last season of Year Seven and comes filled with a lot of new content.

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid is the last season of Year Seven and comes filled with a lot of new content and gameplay updates for new and long-term players to enjoy.

The latest Colombian operator Solis is also coming to the Rainbow Six roster of defenders. The character comes equipped with SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor gadget that comes in handy to gather intel. Fans are curious to know when the new operator Solis will be making her way to the game.

Solis coming to Rainbow Six Siege roster

Solis and Operator Solar Raid will be hitting on December 6, accompanied by the season update, which means fans will only have to wait for a few weeks before they can try the new character themselves.

Solis is an ideal character for players who like gathering intel for their squad, making it easier for teammates to navigate on the map. Solis is a medium-health, medium-speed operator, which makes her a great middle-ground in most cases.

She is capable of using the P90 or ITA 12L as a primary weapon and has an SMG-11 as a secondary option.

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Rainbow Six Siege Solar Raid

Solar Raid is the final season of this year, but there is a lot of content that players can enjoy before 2023. Players will now be able to queue with their friends playing on other consoles, thanks to the newly supported cross-play feature.

Players who play the game on multiple platforms will also be able to enjoy cross-progression, which allows their progress, items, and currencies to be shared across all platforms.

The new Nightaven Labs map will also be available for players at the start of the season. This new area is created to make players more creative in their approach as they face off with enemies and avoid getting comfortable since the danger is always around them. Operation Solar Raid will be released to the game on December 6.

How to play Rainbow Six Siege offline?

Rainbow Six Siege also has an Offline Mode. After installing the game, players get access to two modes without internet – Situations and Training Grounds, formerly called Terrorist Hunt. In Situations mode, players get short training scenarios. Players are graded on their performance in each situation.

Training Grounds modes allow players to fight AI enemies while getting hang of the maps, mechanics, and positioning. Both offline modes can be used for training in the game. However, these modes don’t let players play with other R6 players.

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