Rainbow Six Siege gameplay: How to play Rainbow Six Siege offline

Is it possible to play Rainbow Six Siege without an internet connection? It is! But should you play?

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Most competitive shooters are popular because they provide the opportunity to battle with players across the globe. But is it possible to play Rainbow Six Siege without an internet connection? In this article, we will tell you if it’s possible or not.

How to play Rainbow Six Siege offline?

Rainbow Six Siege actually features an Offline Mode. After installing the game, players get access to two modes without internet – Situations and Training Grounds, formerly called Terrorist Hunt. In Situations mode, players get short training scenarios. Players are graded on their performance in each situation.

Training Grounds modes allow players to fight AI enemies while getting hang of the maps, mechanics, and positioning. Both offline modes can be used for training in the game. However, these modes don’t let players play with other R6 players.

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Should you buy Rainbow Six Siege offline?

Most Rainbow Six Siege fans feel that the offline mode is lacking in several aspects. Multiplayer is clearly the biggest USP of the game. But practicing before getting into the real action is not a bad thing. So both modes are good for practicing, but not many would like to buy the offline version of the game.

Besides, even the developers aren’t too impressed with these two modes. Creative Director Leroy Athanassoff said that the team has plans to get rid of Training Grounds as it has tons of flaws and “doesn’t really fit the direction we are taking with Siege.” 

How to practice Rainbow Six Siege?

Apart from playing Training Grounds and Situations, Rainbow Six Siege players can improve their skills by using several aim assist programs. Aim Hero and Rainbow Six Siege-specific aiming programs can now be bought on Steam.

Using Ubisoft’s Squad Finder, players can find a group of players to compete with. This will help them find people with mics who are on the same level as them, which means they will be able to communicate better.

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