Rainbow Six Extraction: When is the new co-op shooter launching?

Rumors and speculations about Rainbox Six Extraction have been doing rounds for quite some time. But when is coming out?

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Rumors and speculations about Rainbox Six Extraction have been doing rounds for quite some time. And, the only question remains how long do we have to wait to play this title? The game was hit with a huge delay in 2020, but we might soon get a release date. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming game.

Rainbow Six Extraction release date

Rainbow Six Extraction is expected to arrive on January 20, 2022. The PlayStation Store page for the game has set 00:00 GMT as an unlock time – so it’s safe to assume that it will be the same for Xbox Stores as well. Besides, it will also be unlocked on both Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store.

For people looking for a physical copy, they’ll have to check with their local retailer to see if they’re doing a midnight launch. If not, they’ll have to wait until the store opens. Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC
  • Via Stadia
  • Via Ubisoft Connect
  • Via Epic Games Store

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As of now, there are no details about the size of the download. Rainbow Six Extraction will come with 18 Operators, 69 weapons, 12 large dynamic maps, and 25 gadgets. Considering the amount of content, the game could weigh similar to Rainbow Six Siege.

However, since the last few months, the precursor has been shrinking, as new updates further optimize the files to create a more manageable overall size. It is believed that Rainbow Six Extraction will eat up around 50GB of space at launch.

Besides, the previous installment in the franchise can also be played offline. Rainbow Six Siege features an Offline Mode where players get access to two modes without internet – Situations and Training Grounds, formerly called Terrorist Hunt. In Situations mode, players get short training scenarios. Players are graded on their performance in each situation.

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