Raid Weekend has started again this week in Clash of Clans

By Naman Alok | Sep 23, 2022 | 2 Min Read

Each season of Clash of Clans brings new updates. This time September season update has arrived in Clash of Clans. The Clash of Clans Spring Update allows players to play with their clan and build a new city. The Clan Capital game has a new feature where players can use Capital Gold to build districts with the help of their teammates.Also, it’s easy for clans to upgrade structures and unlock new districts by playing together. Each capital can have a maximum of seven districts, each with their own unlock criteria and benefits. In order to unlock new districts, troops and buildings, players must meet the requirements. 

How to play Raid Weekend and win Capital Gold and Raid Medal 

Weekend is the main battle form for Clan Capital.During Raid Weekend, Clans raid other Clan Capitals to earn Capital Gold and Raid Medals. The raid  weekend begins every Friday at 7:00 UTC  and ends at the same time the following Friday. 

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In order to participate in the Raid Weekend, you must upgrade your Clan Capital Hall to level 2 or higher. When a weekend raid event is active, the clan leader or co-leader can determine the raid clan. Raids are a battle with one clan on another clan’s capital.The purpose of the attack is to destroy the capital of the enemy clan. If a clan decides to  raid on the weekend, the raid will be detected from a building level perspective based on the clan’s progress in the clan capital. Unlike in Clan War, a Clan attacked by a Raid does not attack the Clan Capital. 


Capital gold can be gained in raids by destroying buildings. Each building is worth a certain capital Gold. Unprotected buildings (with the exception of borough halls) are the least valuable, but defenses pay more (stronger defenses like explosive arcs generally cost more). more valuable than cannons. 

Attacks that wipe out a district, whether deployed or not, reward 1 capital gold for each unit remaining at the end of the attack. The rest of the spells do not grant the player any additional rewards.Capital gold is not  lost to enemy attacks. The capital gold received from the attacker is used in the game. At the end of the raid weekend, the clan will receive a raid medal based on its performance  and defensive attacks.

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