PUBG: New State known bugs, and possible solution for them

Here are PUBG: New State known bugs, and possible solution for them.

Krafton has acknowledged these bugs and is working on them. (Credits: In-game screenshot)

PUBG New State is without a doubt one of the most eagerly anticipated battle royale games for mobile gamers, and it’s finally available on the Google Play Store. We should expect some glitches and issues until the next few updates, given that the game has just completed its beta testing phase. To add some clarity, Krafton has acknowledged these concerns and has posted them on its website. Here are PUBG: New State known bugs, and possible solution for them.

Some of these difficulties are specific to a particular gadget or brand, while others may have a larger influence.

Issues with the gameplay

1: It’s possible that some Xiaomi smartphone owners won’t be able to play the game. According to Krafton, this problem could be caused by an earlier OS version on the device.

Possible solution: After updating their device’s OS to the current version, the gaming studio recommends restarting the game.

2: After making an account, the issue with inaccurate ping information will occasionally appear.

Possible solution: A transient UI error has caused this problem. Close and relaunch the app, then go to Settings>Basic>Connection>Select Server to reselect the server.

3: In-game, the player may notice intermittent flickering or strange colours.

Problem solution: It’s possible that the problem is caused by your mobile device running an earlier Android OS version. After updating their device’s OS to the latest version, Krafton recommends resuming the game.

If the problem remains after installing the latest version, the user might switch to OPEN GL and restart the app.

Other bugs in Gameplay with no fix for now:

  1. If you repeatedly hit the reload button, you may not hear or see a reload sound or motion.
  2. When landing from a great height, you may not hear anything.
  3. When getting a stack of objects, the quantity is sometimes marked as (0). According to Krafton, this is a user interface error, and the gamer will receive the correct quantity.
  4. Even though the Follow feature appears to be implemented upon reentering a match, even if it was set before leaving the match, it will not work.
  5. A character revived with a Green Flare Gun may appear oddly in the result screen on occasion.
  6. A Molotov cocktail thrown inside a tram would not set the tram on fire.
  7. If a dropped weapon is dumped at the respawn location on the Station map, the player may acquire it instead of your preset weapon.
  8. On the Station map, some items may display oddly. When you resurrect, this will be restored.

PUBG: New State known bugs

  1. The sensitivity is not the same as the actual set value.

Solution: This problem can be resolved by resetting the sensitivity to one of the following options in the Sensitivity Setting tabs: Low/Medium/High

2. After pressing the trunk button, you won’t be able to pick several control settings buttons.

Bugs in Lobby

  1. When you re-enter the game after it has been in the background for more than 1 minute, the chatting system does not work.
  2. When you choose a new party leader, the map selection settings are reset.
  3. When playing the game in the background while in a party, the user may become disconnected.

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