PUBG: New State is launched, key differences between PUBG and New State

We'll focus on the things that distinguish PUBG: New State from its predecessors in order to determine whether or not this new game is worth your time.

PUBG: New State is now available on Google Play Store and App Store. (In-game screenshot)

PUBG: New State brings PUBG Mobile back to India in a big way. Battlegrounds Mobile India, on the other hand, did not. PUBG: New State is precisely what Battlegrounds Mobile India should have been, save from some new weaponry and other cool features. That has piqued my interest as a player because I despise the censored version, which is BGMI. PUBG: New State appears to be a home run for Krafton, but how much better it is than PUBG Mobile remains to be seen.

Despite the fact that PUBG Mobile and PUBG: New State are practically identical, we decided to look at the distinctions between the two battle royale games. There are differences, and only those who enjoy spending time seeking for loot and then foes to use those firearms on in order to stay alive till the finish of the game would appreciate them. Rather than discussing the last-player-standing premise, We’ll focus on the things that distinguish PUBG: New State from its predecessors in order to determine whether or not this new game is worth your time.

key differences between PUBG and PUBG: New State


A battle royale game’s maps serve as its backbone because they are where all of the action takes place. Battle royale is a popular genre, and developers have gone to great lengths to explore the possibilities of what else could be on a map. In PUBG Mobile, we’ve seen some incredible maps, such as Sanhok, where you can boost your rank by killing bots while still getting to utilise the flare gun, and Vikendi, which boasts a Dino Park as its main attraction.

PUBG: New State currently only includes two maps: Troi and Erangel 2051. When compared to PUBG Mobile, this may appear to be lacking, but not once you start playing. Troi is a vast 8x8km map with a lot of cityside buildings and establishments where you can hide. The post-apocalyptic environment makes you feel as if you’ve landed from a spaceship to scavenge the wreckage and find valuable items to return. While doing so, you must also eliminate adversaries who are also explorers.

Troi appears to be a fantastic starting place for PUBG: New State map expansion, not only because of the landscape-centric benefits to players, but also because it is a future stretch of land filled of technological devices. You have electric vehicles that provide instant acceleration and, most crucially, drones that provide the most realistic simulation of using one.

If you’re wondering what maps are available in PUBG Mobile, there are five basic maps: Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, and Miramar. For the Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode, there is also a warehouse. However, due to the timed modes in PUBG Mobile, there is a lot to enjoy.

The addition of the Infection Mode, which introduces zombies, and the Payload 2.0 Mode, which upgrades guns with more Calibur, makes PUBG Mobile more enjoyable to play because it provides a respite from the usual loot and battle.


In essence, PUBG: New State is PUBG Mobile. That’s because the way I learn to use weapons, operate a vehicle, and kill enemies in PUBG Mobile is quite similar. However, if you’re playing PUBG: New State on a high-end phone, you’ll notice some modest enhancements. These are more visible on screens with a high refresh rate, making interaction with them easier.

Drones are accessible in PUBG: New State, and I believe they are the game’s most appealing feature. Aside from combat rolls and ballistic shields, there are new vehicles that provide new ways to locate and kill other players. The controls in PUBG: New State aren’t all that different from those in PUBG Mobile, although you’ll notice that they’re a little more responsive. It’s a good thing that the controls haven’t changed, since this will give PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers a sense of familiarity with the game.


The graphics in PUBG: New State are unquestionably superior to those in PUBG Mobile. Krafton claims to have used global illumination technology to provide players a much-needed visual boost in order to give them a truly next-generation mobile game experience. That is correct, and if you go to settings to adjust the graphics, you will see options that have been laid out in a logical manner. You can pick between “low” and “extreme” frame rates, with “extreme” visual quality being the highest. You have four screen filters to choose from, each of which gives you greater control over the appearance of your game.

Special differences

You won’t see some of the differences unless you drive a car. As a result, you can now see the battery level of an electric vehicle while driving. When your power runs out, you can utilise battery packs that you can find in the loot. You also die if you leap out of a moving car. This is most likely one of the most significant modifications to the way players navigate across the map. In PUBG Mobile, you can hop out of a car and begin driving to your destination, but only if you want to die should you do so in PUBG: New State.

PUBG: New State vs PUBG Mobile

There isn’t a clear winner here because they’re all pretty much the same. Everything feels similar in PUBG: New State because it isn’t the biggest addition to the battle royale genre. However, a few features, such as improved graphics, improved responsiveness, and the Troi map, make things more intriguing. I believe that, at least at first, PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India users will spend more time playing PUBG: New State. To keep gamers from abandoning the game, Krafton will have to release more maps and timed modes quickly.

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