PUBG Mobile’s New Slogan lucky spin is here Thing about this Lucky spin is you need to know

By Naman Alok | Dec 19, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) introduces new outfits, gun skins, backpack skins and parachute skins in lucky crates, lucky spins, and treasure spins periodically to enhance the player’s battle royal experience. Recently they introduced a new Slogan lucky spin. The craze among the players for these new outfits and items has been massive. However, all players are trying their luck to get these new Outfits in their inventory. So, let’s talk about this outfit, skins and much more.

About Slogan’s lucky spin

Every month PUBG Mobile introduces a new luck spin, this lucky spin’s single spin cost is 10UC on the first spin of the day after the first spin single spin cost is 60UC, and the 10 draw-spin cost is 540UC. Spin has many items like Mythic Divine Seer Set, Royal Magician Set, Forest Fairy – Kar98K, Arena Champion Backpack and Divine Seer – Crowbar, all rest items are legendary, and this spin also has Blue crystal for redeeming items that you don’t claim from spin.

Let’s take a look at Slogan’s lucky Spin Items

Divine Seer Set

If players want beautiful and unique fortune teller design outfits then you can go for the Divine Seer Set. Any female PUBG Mobile character can wear this White, golden and blue colour unique wear set. Players cannot get any exclusive to emote along with this Mythic outfit.

Royal Magician Set

If players want a cool and funny Royal Magician-design outfit, then you can go for the Royal Magician Set. The red, golden and black colour texture looks like a cool magician, any PUBG Mobile character can wear this funny wear set. This outfit gave you a unique look in the game lobby.

Forest Fairy – Kar98K

Another impressive and cute-looking collectable on this list is the Forest Fairy – Kar98K. The white, golden and green colour cute tree leaf design looks like an upgradable skin, and this is a legendary skin if players want a unique Kar98K skin then you can go for this skin.

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Arena Champion Backpack

The prize pool in lucky spin has several backpack skins that boast gorgeous designs. However, the Arena Champion skin has a unique red, golden and grey–coloured beautiful arena champion trophy design which makes it stand apart from others. The Arena Champion trophy-like design highlights the backpack on all three levels available.

Divine Seer – Crowbar

If players want unique and beautiful crowbar skin then Divine Seer – Crowbar is the best choice for them. The golden, red and silver coloured fortune teller sward-themed design of Crowbar skin looks unique and rare, this is a legendary skin. 

So go and try your luck who knows you are the lucky one who gets this outfit and skin with a minimum investment of UC good luck with your lucky spin

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