PUBG Mobile: Why Sara is the best special character available to users

PUBG Mobile gives gamers plenty of special characters to play with. Here we analyse some of the best ones available.

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It’s no secret that PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games in the world right now. In an era where Battle Royale games are extremely popular, PUBG remains the choice of game for most.

Besides the amazing gameplay and the choice of guns, accessories and the like, one thing users enjoy doing is crafting their own character. But which of the available special characters are among the best?

It is worth noting that there are four major characters in the game. Getting them can often involve differing routes; some will require purchasing, others require UC or character vouchers.

Here we will look at what are the best characters to be used in PUBG Mobile.

Victor – the original PUBG Mobile special character

Victor was the first special character to be available for users in the game. Notably, he is the only special character who remains free to use for all players of the game.

The special ability that Victor has is reducing SMG reloading up to 10% upon reaching Level 9. That makes him extremely useful as he levels up.

To top things off, the character also comes with a special Victor voice chat.

Sara – the only female special character

Sara is noteworthy as a character in the sense that she is the only female special character available. However, she is more than just a pretty face on the game.

Sara’s character has one very interesting ability; it is able to increase the durability of vehicles. What’s more, on a full upgrade, this special character will increase vehicle durability up to an upper limit of 10%.

In order to unlock the character, users must spend 600 UC or 600 character vouchers.

Carlo – the fall damage reduction king

On first glance, what stands out about Carlo is his eye-popping outfit. The type of get-up he has would not look out of place in a superhero movie.

However, his special ability involves reducing the fall damage that occurs. Indeed, when he is up to Level 9, he can reduce fall damage by a staggering 24%.

The cost of purchasing Carlo for players is 1200 UC or 1200 character vouchers.

Andy – the game’s ‘QuickDraw McGraw’

The character of Andy is one of the latest additions to the game. His special ability is fairly simple – he can draw and put away his guns at great speed.

In fact, upon full upgrade, he can and will increase the speed of putting away and drawing guns to a maximum of 16%, which is quite a significant speed.

The cost of unlocking Andy to use for your gameplay is 1200 UC or 1200 character vouchers.

Why is Sara the best option for PUBG Mobile?

Sara is the best option simply because her special skill possesses plenty of value. When players travel in vehicles is when they are most susceptible to being killed via an explosion.

At that point, Sara’s ability to increase the vehicle’s durability comes into good use. You can easily stay safer for longer periods during the game.

That’s not a knock on other characters’ special abilities either, but the abilities they possess don’t often come in use.

Victor’s ability to quickly load and reload is best for SMGs, or sub-machine guns. However, most players do not always like using SMGs.

Carlo’s ability to reduce fall damage might seem excellent, but doesn’t actually have much bearing in most match-related scenarious.

And Andy’s ability to draw guns quicker might help you get your weapons faster, but your success in the game doesn’t rely on speed of drawing weapons.

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