PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: How to use Spider-Man’s abilities?

Spider-Man mode has finally arrived in BGMI with the latest 1.8 update.

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Spider-Man mode has finally arrived in BGMI with the latest 1.8 updates. The mode has come to the game as a result of the game’s huge collaboration with Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. The mode celebrates the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Players can log into the game and opt for this special mode available on the maps of Erangel and Livik. The mode begins with Spider-Man swinging from a plane. However, when players land, they get to use Spider-Man’s special abilities that will help them in classic matches significantly.

Use web-shooters to climb on trees and buildings

Players can go to different locations on the map and get web-shooters that will allow them to use special ability to transport from one place to another quickly. Web-shooters also help in climbing on top of trees or buildings that act as a great advantage during fights. Players can easily knock down opponents using the height advantage. However, web-shooters can only be used within a range of 30 meters.

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Spiderweb balls can restrict enemy movement

Many BGMI players are prone in the end circles on Livik and Erangel. Players who have spiderweb balls can throw them at prone opponents to restrict their movement and kill them with ease.

Web-shooters to cross the bridge

The method of bridge camp has been in the game ever since it came out. It becomes difficult to execute a proper bridge camp. However, players can make use of web-shooters to break the bridge camp in this mode. After players find the web-shooters, they can either climb on top of the bridge or swing underneath the bridge. However, while doing so, players must know that web-shooters have a cooldown of one second, and therefore, must be used effectively.

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