PUBG Mobile India: What are the abbreviations of key terms like HP, OP, GG, and AFM?

PUBG Mobile India has been banned ever since mid-2020 following tensions between India and China but the game still has plenty of popularity, with some terms being popular among gamers.

PUBG Mobile has some common abbreviations which are important for gamers to know. (Image credit: PUBG Mobile Twitter)

PUBG Mobile India was one of the most popular games for Indian gamers in the country. The mixture of action, superb graphics, and splendid gifts made this a must-have for all gamers in the country. However, in mid-2020, PUBG Mobile was banned in the country in the aftermath of the tensions between India and China in Galwan. The banning of PUBG Mobile in the country, under the Information Technology Act by MEITY, was a body blow for plenty of gamers.

Following the ban, there have been plenty of updates in the world over PUBG Mobile. There has also been a Lite version of PUBG Mobile which is a hit among many Android users. The Lite version has many of the same attributes as the game but the storage space required is very low. With the ban now extending well over a year, there are fears that the game might not come back to the Indian market.

With several other methods being employed to play the game, the majority of gamers in India cannot get access to PUBG Mobile. There is now a real fear that the game might not be able to register on the memories of many new members.

PUBG Mobile and some common, trendy game terms

With PUBG Mobile still banned, it is now worth looking back at some of the terms which made the game very alluring to gamers.  Right from some emotions to the technical terms, there were some short-form abbreviations that made the game very memorable. With the game still banned, it is worth remembering those terms all over again.

If one has to look at the emotional abbreviations for PUBG Mobile, they were TY, GLHF, and BRB. The obvious one is TY which is Thank You. This is used to express gratitude to the gamer who has taken time out to play the game. The other term, GLHF, means Good Luck Have Fun. This message flashes before the start of the game so that it gives an indication of the competition that is available.

BRB means Be Right Back. This means that a player who has reached certain stages in PUBG Mobile will now be inactive for a particular session. He may also not be active for a certain period of time and thus, he may flash the message BRB to the other players in multiplayer mode.

Other game abbreviations

The other terms that appear most commonly in the game are as below

OP: OP means overpowered. This message comes when the gamer overpowers the rival in an easy way. This message is the most common in PUBG Mobile.

GG: This means Good Game. Traditionally, in a multi-player game, if the gamer puts in a magnificent display of gaming, this message will pop up. Good Game is a rare message.

FPP and TPP: This means First-Person Perspective and Third Person Perspective. Both these terms come when one has to adjust the settings in PUBG Mobile.

AFK and AFM: This means Away from Keyboard or Away from Mobile. This depends on the mode of the game. If one is playing on the desktop, it means that if the gamer goes away for some time, he will flash the message AFK meaning he is not at the keyboard. If he/she is playing on the mobile, then it will be AFM which is away from Away from Mobile. This message will come up when the game is going on.

DC: This is the message that many gamers dread. If one is on a roll and is going about the game in a smooth way, the DC message is a killer. It means Disconnected either due to internet or server issues. The DC message is something that a gamer will look to avoid.

HP: This is the most important parameter of the game. HP means Hit Points and it suggests the amount of health the gamer has at his/her disposal. It is also an indicator of the damage that the gamer can take at his/her maximum potential.

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